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    As I now have a spindle water temperature readout on my machine it also tells me just how cold it is in there when I first enter the workshop and switch it on.
    The last recent session on Monday night was around 8 deg C (workshop shares 2 walls with the main house so it could be worse). I know we have members all around the World - what are your numbers ??
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    Hi routercnc,

    I have a little freestanding 4x6 meter garage type shop with concrete floor and just 44mm wooden walls, tar paper type roof.

    So little or no insulation.

    I have a 2kw mobile heater to get the worst of the cold weather out.
    Running it for an hour ahead of actually doing anything in there, takes the edge of freezing temperatures inside.

    I have glycol in the spindle cooling system.

    The heater is on only when i am in there, maybe 4hrs per week in winter time, for the obvious reasons.

    I have plans to do insulation for soundproofing, climate control will only be possible from that point on.

    I can tell the machine doesn't like running in the cold either. :-)

    Grtz Bert.

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    My 7m x 3m work space sometimes drops as low as 10C on frosty nights, as soon as I start running computers or machinery it rapidly warms up to "Shirt Sleeve" temperatures.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    My workshop is in an old stone barn on the edge of the fells in Cumbria. It got down to 1 degree one morning last week, so as it was a nice day I went and climbed a mountain instead of working. It has been appreciably colder than that during prolonged spells of cold like the 2009-2010 winter, however it is nicely cool on hot summer days :-)
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    Whatever the temperature was outside the night before. In winter it’s usually colder inside my unit than out during the day.

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    21x17 foot garage on the side of the house. Overnight temp drops to plus 8. I have added lots of insulation and rubber mats on the floor. My little 30 pound 2kw fan heater warms it up to around 25 within 30 mins so nice to work in.i only have the heater on for an hour or so. Costs a pound an hour to run.

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    Vaulted cellar workshop approx 3.2m useable floorspace. My boiler and Megaflow are down there too, with a radiator under the bench. Warmest room in the house at a pretty constant 18-20C. I keep a dehumidifier running 24/7 to keep the damp at bay. It feels dry and I haven't had any issues with rust in the 6-odd years I've been using it.

    (As pleasant as this sounds, it's not a great place to spend a lot of time - I'd rather have a space above ground where I could fling open the doors as and when needed..! Still need to sort out some sort of extraction/circulation down there...)


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    Generally a few degrees above outside, as it's a single brick 60'x15'ish building with drafts.
    I know it's cold when the first job is thawing out the coolant in the lathe.

    I did give in and buy a 20kw indirect space heater last month, which after 20 minutes of running in the coldest temperatures, brings things up to a reasonable working temperature.
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