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    Hi I borrowed a dial indicator with a magnetic base to build my first CNC. The brand was Mitutoyo Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	25439. But the problem was that the base was not really stable. So the magnet was but as soon as I slightly touched the base arm I got new readings.
    i guess as I am really unexperienced I could have mounted it better.
    But maybe you have some recommendations for a better base which doesn't break the bank

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    The arms on any DTI clamp will cause the reading to change if you knock them as the indicator is very sensitive.
    But perhaps that is not what you meant and the base is not flat?

    Maybe they are not genuine Mitutoyo ?

    I bought a couple of the ‘red’ cheap stands off eBay years ago and had to dismantle them, lightly machine the mounting faces before using as they were not flat. The V looked like it had been hand linished to no particular shape.
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    I just have a simple little round Eclipse thing, about 25mm diameter. It may not have the holding power of the larger ones but I find it perfectly stable with my little DTI and it has the advantage of a small base which makes it fit into small spaces on machines.

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    Ok I will then be more careful. I think it was the arm as the magnet felt stable. I mean the Mituyo ones come in different prices. Mine was very cheap I guess. I just like the arm you can tighten with one screw

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