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    Hi all,

    due to the house move and slight loss of interest I have for sale couple of items from unfinished project.
    I'm based in Milton Keynes and have no problem letting you view the items or I can travel sensible distance.
    All items are brand new and never used, ideally I would like to sell all items together.
    Price is negotiable but please be sensible.
    Contact details in private message.

    1x OX openbuilds CNC 750mm x 440mm
    4x Leadshine Digital stepping Drive EM806
    4x NEMA 23 4Nm stepper motors
    1x PURELOGIC PLCM-E4 Motion control device for mach 3 (Ethernet or USB connection)
    1x DELOC Sub-D 25 Pin terminal block adapter
    1x Tool height setter
    1x Alignment laser

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    More components available. Price remains the same :)

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