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    My name is Brian and I'm a beginner at CNC despite being retired.
    I have worked in the aircraft industry most of my life in Quality.
    I am a model engineer interested in early road vehicles and have used manual machines most of my life.
    My present setup is a Boxford Lathe,
    A mill/drill that I have just fitted DRO to, and the usual hand tools.
    I have some hand made drawings for an engine that I made a few years ago that I would now like to remake but in a smaller scale, and to that end have started learning to use Fusion 360.
    It seems to me that there are starting to appear, used CNC machines that are becoming easy (and cheap) to obtain, and I reason that, by the time I can use Fusion 360, I may be able to afford one!

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    Welcome to the forum Mike.

    I'm using somewhat similar reasoning in that by the time I stop procrastinating in getting my thoughts together, I may be able to afford the components!


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    I have seen quite a few reasonably priced used compact industrial CNC vertical machining centres.
    What kept me from buying one was the proprietary nature of parts and systems incorporated into big name machines coupled with the high cost of spares from the manufacturers, I did agree to buy one but I allowed for the possibility of a major re-fit (at least as much again as the purchase) in my budget, in the end the seller sold it to someone else and I feel I dodged a bullet there,

    - Nick
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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