Morning. I work in a school and we are having a clear out of machines we no longer use. We have two. A Denford nicrorouter. In the 11 years I have worked here Iíve seen it run once. We just do not use it or have the time to learn how to use it effectively. It was upgraded by Denford in 2009 to usb. This is logged on the side panel of the large black control unit. I have many photos of it that I am more than happy to share. It also comes with the F1 in schools jig, various cutting tools and balsa wood blanks for these cars. I think I have the VR mill software somewhere too on cd. I am not clued up on these machines but I know that this works fine it just needs someone who knows how to run it to invest time in it. Teaching now doesnít allow for this and we donít have a technician.

Secondly we have a techsoft MDX - 40 rotocamm. This has also seen minimal use. It also comes with various bits and bobs. I am happy to split or sell as a pair. Both machines, especially the denfordare heavy.

Both based in County Durham. Any questions ring or text me. Do not reply on here as I donít really use forums. Genuinely interested, pick up the phone and discuss and I am more than happy to accommodate you or answer any questions you have. Although I am not into these machines as such I know they work we just do not have the capacity or knowledge to use them effectively.
Daniel. - 07714088405