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    Hi all, im a new member and new to CNC machining, im looking to get a project prototyped and was woundering were is a good and cheap place to have it done, its a stand for my Stereo Microscope that uses Linear Bearings, note that you can buy this stand for about £280-350 and as you may have guessed I don't have that right now, I have had quotes to make it @£120 per part and there is 4 parts total all made in aluminium, has 3mm, 16mm, 28mm and 32mm holes mostley straight through, I will show a pic of one(the most complex one) below, what would you do to get it made ?

    Also it can be edited eg : remove the rounded edges and small holes that I can do at home.
    Thanks all for your input
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  3. When people ask me about making one-offs for them I always tell them that if someone already sells it in this country, almost regardless of price, that's going to be cheaper. I even do a comprehensive internet search and pass on any suppliers I can find.
    What you need is a Model Engineer, many of them place little value on their personal time and think everything should be cheap :D
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Same here. I am also new here.

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    120 £ per part is very cheap for cross holes for linear bearings.
    They need accurate bores and accurate angles.

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