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    im thinking about selling my denford triac in order to get a newer machine, so im testing the water to see if there is any interest?

    details of the sale as follows, im looking to sell everything in one sale. not splitting things up.

    - denford triac vmc
    - feb 1985
    - 240v 11amps
    - 1hp 4000rpm motor (cw/ccw control)
    - 1/8hp coolant pump (not original)
    - 6 station auto tool changer

    - upgraded to mach3, running PMDX126 board, PMDX104 board and V4 spindle board
    - spindle feedback fitted and working

    - not selling my mach3 license, the machine will be supplied with mach3 profile. so just load this into mach and away you go, no setup needed.

    included in sale

    - tormach spu-40 ruby tip touch probe, mounted to bt35 holder
    - z height setter
    - x2 tapmatic tapping heads, both have been to tapmatic to be serviced and are as smooth as silk. with bt35 holder and pull stud, with service they costs me £250 each. both come with collects. one is a micro so m1-m3 threads and other is a m3-m7 threads.
    - 9x da200 bt35 tool holders
    - 2/3 da200 collets of every size (1mm-10mm). some sizes like 6mm I have 6/8 of
    - 9x da180 bt35 tool holders, with a number of collets, not a complete set
    - 3x ER16 bt35 tool holders, no collects
    - 2x of the screw bt35 tool holders, cant remember make. you screw threaded tools into collets and then tighten collet
    - 1x 13mm chuck bt35 tool holder
    - 1x nikken bt35 tool holder with 20mm collet
    - 2x j5/6 bt35 tool holders. the ones you can secure face mills to
    - 1x bed clamping kit

    ive got a few other odds and ends, like a few spare pull studs and da200 collet nuts etc...

    also included within the sale is a 500kg hydraulic table to move the machine around. I have no use for this without the triac so is included within the sale. this is one of the bright yellow scissor tables, so can lift the triac up and down and is on wheels etc...

    optional is the 2.5 metre long work bench on wheels I made to sit the triac on. has space for milling cutters one end and laptop the other. second shelf to hold bt35 tooling

    the machine and everything on it is fully working

    the bad points

    I never got round to securing the electronics down in the cabinet, so they are just kind of sat there
    the sem spindle motor RPM jumps up and down a bit, I sent the motor off for a £500 service a few years ago but this didn't solve it. so could be a card issue. I use the machine almost daily and it doesn't cause an issue. the machine has spindle feedback so you can see how much it jumps. its just a few 100 RPM, so nothing major.

    what sort of money is a setup like this worth??

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    if there is no interest then I guess ebay is the only way to go next

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