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    you may need a new psu to meet the spec of the new spindle

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    Quote Originally Posted by ngwagwa View Post
    Thanks, so which spindle should I be looking at bearing in mind it is for finishing only so RPM is more important than power.
    I can't recommend any spindles as I do not know the run-outs of any. I would reckon a 2.2KW spindle and VFD kit would probably do, but it sounds as though you would want quality rather than cheap Chinese.
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    I probably can't afford quality so would settle for Chinese.

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    Have you seen this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfryQr10nbo - someone has added a 1.5kW spindle to a micro router.

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    Thanks for that it's ust what I am aiming at.

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    Just a quick update to let you all know the outcome.

    I ended up buying a serial to RS-485 adapter (less than 3 on fleabay) and downloaded a plugin to ebable Mach3 to control my spindle directly.

    The new spindle is fitted and running and I was originally using a 5 gallon drum for a water reservoir but this didn't stop the temperature hitting the mid forties centigrade during the hot Easter weekend. I have to point out my workshop is upstairs and the room temperature was in the low thirties. As downstairs is always a lot cooler and having plenty of plastic pipe to hand I simply added about 15 metres of pipe to the outet and ran this downstairs then bak to the tank which solved the cooling problem.

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    Finally have the time to cut a job for which the spindle was purchased.

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