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    Hi I am new to the world of CNC machines and wanted some help with this. I am about to purchase an Isel 4433 CNC router (for 250 - crazy!). I want to run this machine with fusion 360 and mach3 or mach4. Please can someone suggest a way for me to do this? I really don't want to use galaad!

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    with no reply from Isel 4433 users
    its possible its a re badged Chinese machine
    and photos of both the interior and exterior of the control box will help identify what you have


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    Quote Originally Posted by john swift View Post
    with no reply from Isel 4433 users
    its possible its a re badged Chinese machine
    and photos of both the interior and exterior of the control box will help identify what you have

    Sorry John. Don't quite understand. What are you suggesting? I am going to buy this machine - if it means I can't use mach4, sobeit. However, galaad looks fairly old-fashioned.
    Thanks for the reply, John.

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    I had miss read your post

    I thought you had bought the machine - my mistake

    may be you could try to get photos from the seller you can post


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    I have attached photos of the machine. I think it is a genuine ISEL machine - I am buying it from a school who have are the 2nd owners. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20190318_104304.jpg 
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Name:	20190318_104354_LI.jpg 
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    Thanks John,
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    It may require you (or be easier for you) to take strip out the electronics back to the axis drive motors, and re-introduce stepper drivers (assuming stepper motors), BoB and maybe PSU. It's not difficult and for the tiny price that you're paying for the machine you'll get a capable machine for very little outlay.

    Re-using the existing electronics? - get some control-box images as previously suggested.

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    the machine looks like it is worth the money without the electronics

    the base of the machine is large enough to house the electronics

    if it has a RS232 serial connection to the PC
    I expect it has a motion controller that only works with propriety software and would not work with mach 3 or 4

    the devil is going to be in the detail but
    replacing the existing motion controller with some thing like Warp9's Ethernet SmoothStepper (55) could be an option *
    if you can re use the existing stepper drivers and power supply

    ( *a generic breakout board connected to an old PC's parallel printer port will be cheaper)

    the spindle motor speed control used will determine how easy it will be to re use the existing spindle


    on the net are a few threads on converting Denford lathes
    (Denford is another supplier of machines to the education establishment )


    you may find the ISEL electronics is similar
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    Okay. I will get more pictures on Monday just to see. It has a serial connection, yes. So would it be as simple as swapping out a board?
    Thanks for the help

    I have been researching ESS boards - have also looked on Warp9's website and found different UK distributors. Both linked distributors are selling an ESS for around 170. If you could link a cheaper alternative, that'd be great!
    Thanks L
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    looking at this mornings search history I can't find the popup advert I looked at
    I must of miss typed the smooth stepper must of been 155 exc vat


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    Okay. The only reason why I am buying this is because its relatively cheap and so I am trying to keep cost down. Thanks for the suggestion, but are there any other cheaper alternatives that won't really sacrifice on accuracy or anything? I am pretty sure the spindle speed is independent of the board as it has a speed control setting on it. I am not all that knowledgeable when it comes to CNCs so this is merely an assumption. Could I just use a BoB instead of buying some sort of ESS?
    Thank you for all this help (I'd be hopeless with out it!)

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