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    I have assembled a cheap chinese 3d cnc router.
    Have connected it to my Laptop.
    The machines see each other evidenced by the 2 red lights on the Printed Circuit Board.
    I have installed GRBLControler on my machine, but do not know how to activate it to get the machine to work. I have spent many weeks (I am a 82 year old bedridden paraplegic- no legs but a good mind)
    I click the connect button in the top right hand "File" button and it notifies me tha it is connected.
    Still unable to make the machine move.
    Please someone help this ("frustrated to the core) Old man

    I thank you on my knees even before you have replied.
    Thank you

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    Details of your router make and model will help, there are lots of different ones available.
    From there it should be possible to determine how the router connects to the laptop.
    The supplier should have specified controller requirements, if you are trying to use something not recommended it may be impossible to configure.
    All the technical detail you can provide will help people to help you,
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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