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    I like your approach. I am willing to help with calculations and design. All you have to do is point me at the desired components and define your space constraints

    you can reach me at Irving.logan@his-eng.com

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    Hi Husky
    Hi Irving (I sent you an email Irving)

    Gee Husky sounds like you are on the right track to me. Belleville washers do fail after millions of operations, a common service repair for spindles in commercial use. For home use they should last a lifetime. And making something is always more satisfying than off the peg.


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    Im looking to do something similar. I'd be interested to see more details on the spindle size and bearing arrangement.

    Is it a squeeze release or does it load the bearings when pressurised.?

    Is the spindle hardened and ground?

  4. Sorry for late reply, been busy with work. My diy BT30 spindle works great, couldnt be happier. 10h/day for few months now, no serious issues yet. Cut like a butter but the lack of power (2.2kw spindle) is holding me back to cut like a pro. So i am already considering upgrading motor with 3kw spindle or 3x more expensive servo motor with 11Nm ofcl torque.

    Ross77, it is sqeeze release, i have a steel bar to sqeeze the washers. No intention to make it fully automatic, no need for this yet, and a lack of room to place cylinder over the shaft. The spindle shaft is hardened and ground. Here is old vid of the spindle. Runout is approx. 0.002mm, tool holder and collets are from china, thats why such runout in vid, which is still great for my first diy spindle

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    That looks about 30um / 0.03mm runout and presumably worse at the cutter tip. That means the cutter will be doing most of the cutting on only one or two edges. You should really use a better quality toolholder, or you will be unable to do any serious cutting without breaking tools and / or poor surface finish.

    Rather than use an ER collet toolholder, you should get some (Chinese) sidelock holders that are inherently much better due to the lack of collets - it's the collets that are the biggest contributor to runout. Then you can see how good your spindle is - and make best use of it without breaking cutters.

    Very interesting work - please let us know how you are getting on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Husky1 View Post
    Ross77, it is sqeeze release, i have a steel bar to sqeeze the washers.
    Surely that makes it an MTC? ;-)
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

  7. I will test better quality toolholders later and see how it goes. In general, i am very happy with the build, next upgrade is 3k spindle for a motor, or more expensive servo motor like 3.5kw fagor with 11Nm of torque. With 1:3 ratio for higher rpm it can cut serious chips.

    I wont upgrade to fully automated tool change anytime soon although its a simple upgrade with diy cylinder over the shaft. I would need to modify the cnc frame as well, so the toolholders would be away from the flying chips, it need extra care to prevent chips getting between the toolholder and shaft cone. The table is usually covered with thick layer of chips, its a mess. Much faster to change tool manually.

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