Can anyone help me out with this one . I am milling splines on a cooper electrode but Iím having trouble writing my subroutine

I want the 4 axis to rotate 25.714 degrees in a subroutine/subprogram so that i will have 14 splines around the circumference of my electrode these days i'm not with it offline programming as its been a while please help a fellow miller out

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N10 O1
N20 G90 G21
N30 G40 G80
N40 T01 M06 (6MM CARBIDE)
N50 G54
N60 M01
N70 S3000 M03
N80 G0 X-6. Y-29.51
N90 G43 Z50. H01 M08
M98 P2000
N100 Z1.
N110 G1 Z-2.743 F1000
N120 X121. F250
N130 G0 Z50.
N140 M09

N150 T02 M06 (4MM CARBIDE)
N160 G54
N170 M01
N180 S5000 M03
N190 G0 X-6. Y-29.51
N200 G43 Z50. H02 M08
N210 Z1.
N220 G1 Z-3.95 F1000
N230 X121. F200
N240 G0 Z50.
N250 M09

N260 T07 M06 (3MM CARBIDE)
N270 G54
N280 M01
N290 S6000 M03
N300 G0 X121. Y-26.068
N310 G43 Z50. H07 M08
N320 Z1.
N330 G1 Z-0.432 F2000
N340 X-6. F1500
N350 Y-26.151
N360 Z-0.486 F2000
N370 X121. F1500
N380 Y-26.201
N390 Z-0.537 F2000
N400 X-6. F1500
N410 Y-26.25
N420 Z-0.587 F2000
N430 X121. F1500
N440 Y-26.298
N450 Z-0.637 F2000
N460 X-6. F1500
N470 Y-26.346
N480 Z-0.687 F2000
N490 X121. F1500
N500 Y-26.394
N510 Z-0.737 F2000
N520 X-6. F1500
N530 Y-26.441
N540 Z-0.787 F2000
N550 X121. F1500
N560 Y-26.488
N570 Z-0.837 F2000
N580 X-6. F1500
N590 Y-26.534
N600 Z-0.887 F2000
N610 X121. F1500
N620 Y-26.579
N630 Z-0.938 F2000
N640 X-6. F1500
N650 Y-26.624
N660 Z-0.988 F2000
N670 X121. F1500
N680 Y-26.669
N690 Z-1.038 F2000
N700 X-6. F1500
N710 Y-26.713
N720 Z-1.088 F2000
N730 X121. F1500
N740 Y-26.757
N750 Z-1.138 F2000
N760 X-6. F1500
N770 Y-26.8
N780 Z-1.188 F2000
N790 X121. F1500
N800 Y-26.843
N810 Z-1.238 F2000
N820 X-6. F1500
N830 Y-26.886
N840 Z-1.288 F2000
N850 X121. F1500
N860 Y-26.928
N870 Z-1.338 F2000
N880 X-6. F1500
N890 Y-26.969
N900 Z-1.389 F2000
N910 X121. F1500
N920 Y-27.01
N930 Z-1.439 F2000
N940 X-6. F1500
N950 Y-27.051
N960 Z-1.489 F2000
N970 X121. F1500
N980 Y-27.091
N990 Z-1.539 F2000
N1000 X-6. F1500
N1010 Y-27.131
N1020 Z-1.589 F2000
N1030 X121. F1500
N1040 Y-27.171
N1050 Z-1.639 F2000
N1060 X-6. F1500
N1070 Y-27.21
N1080 Z-1.689 F2000
N1090 X121. F1500
N1100 Y-27.248
N1110 Z-1.739 F2000
N1120 X-6. F1500
N1130 Y-27.287
N1140 Z-1.789 F2000
N1150 X121. F1500
N1160 Y-27.325
N1170 Z-1.839 F2000
N1180 X-6. F1500
N1190 Y-27.362
N1200 Z-1.89 F2000
N1210 X121. F1500
N1220 Y-27.399
N1230 Z-1.94 F2000
N1240 X-6. F1500
N1250 Y-27.436
N1260 Z-1.99 F2000
N1270 X121. F1500
N1280 Y-27.473
N1290 Z-2.04 F2000
N1300 X-6. F1500
N1310 Y-27.509
N1320 Z-2.09 F2000
N1330 X121. F1500
N1340 Y-27.545
N1350 Z-2.14 F2000
N1360 X-6. F1500
N1370 Y-27.58
N1380 Z-2.19 F2000
N1390 X121. F1500
N1400 Y-27.615
N1410 Z-2.24 F2000
N1420 X-6. F1500
N1430 Y-27.65
N1440 Z-2.29 F2000
N1450 X121. F1500
N1460 Y-27.684
N1470 Z-2.34 F2000
N1480 X-6. F1500
N1490 Y-27.718
N1500 Z-2.39 F2000
N1510 X121. F1500
N1520 Y-27.751
N1530 Z-2.44 F2000
N1540 X-6. F1500
N1550 Y-27.785
N1560 Z-2.491 F2000
N1570 X121. F1500
N1580 Y-27.818
N1590 Z-2.541 F2000
N1600 X-6. F1500
N1610 Y-27.85
N1620 Z-2.591 F2000
N1630 X121. F1500
N1640 Y-27.883
N1650 Z-2.641 F2000
N1660 X-6. F1500
N1670 Y-27.915
N1680 Z-2.691 F2000
N1690 X121. F1500
N1700 Y-27.946
N1710 Z-2.741 F2000
N1720 X-6. F1500
N1730 Y-27.978
N1740 Z-2.791 F2000
N1750 X121. F1500
N1760 Y-28.009
N1770 Z-2.841 F2000
N1780 X-6. F1500
N1790 Y-28.039
N1800 Z-2.891 F2000
N1810 X121. F1500
N1820 Y-28.07
N1830 Z-2.941 F2000
N1840 X-6. F1500
N1850 Y-28.1
N1860 Z-2.991 F2000
N1870 X121. F1500
N1880 Y-28.13
N1890 Z-3.041 F2000
N1900 X-6. F1500
N1910 Y-28.159
N1920 Z-3.091 F2000
N1930 X121. F1500
N1940 Y-28.188
N1950 Z-3.141 F2000
N1960 X-6. F1500
N1970 Y-28.217
N1980 Z-3.192 F2000
N1990 X121. F1500
N2000 Y-28.246
N2010 Z-3.242 F2000
N2020 X-6. F1500
N2030 Y-28.274
N2040 Z-3.292 F2000
N2050 X121. F1500
N2060 Y-28.302
N2070 Z-3.342 F2000
N2080 X-6. F1500
N2090 Y-28.33
N2100 Z-3.392 F2000
N2110 X121. F1500
N2120 Y-28.357
N2130 Z-3.442 F2000
N2140 X-6. F1500
N2150 Y-28.384
N2160 Z-3.492 F2000
N2170 X121. F1500
N2180 Y-28.411
N2190 Z-3.542 F2000
N2200 X-6. F1500
N2210 Y-28.438
N2220 Z-3.592 F2000
N2230 X121. F1500
N2240 Y-28.464
N2250 Z-3.642 F2000
N2260 X-6. F1500
N2270 Y-28.49
N2280 Z-3.692 F2000
N2290 X121. F1500
N2300 Y-28.516
N2310 Z-3.742 F2000
N2320 X-6. F1500
N2330 Y-28.541
N2340 Z-3.792 F2000
N2350 X121. F1500
N2360 Y-28.567
N2370 Z-3.842 F2000
N2380 X-6. F1500
N2390 Y-28.592
N2400 Z-3.892 F2000
N2410 X121. F1500
N2420 Y-28.616
N2430 Z-3.942 F2000
N2440 X-6. F1500
N2450 Y-28.641
N2460 Z-3.992 F2000
N2470 X121. F1500
N2480 Y-28.665
N2490 Z-4.043 F2000
N2500 X-6. F1500
N2510 Y-28.689
N2520 Z-4.093 F2000
N2530 X121. F1500
N2540 Y-28.691
N2550 Z-4.098 F2000
N2560 X-6. F1500
N2570 G0 Z50.
N2580 X-6. Y-32.952
N2590 Z1.
N2600 G1 Z-0.432 F2000
N2610 X121. F1500
N2620 Y-32.869
N2630 Z-0.486 F2000
N2640 X-6. F1500
N2650 Y-32.819
N2660 Z-0.537 F2000
N2670 X121. F1500
N2680 Y-32.77
N2690 Z-0.587 F2000
N2700 X-6. F1500
N2710 Y-32.722
N2720 Z-0.637 F2000
N2730 X121. F1500
N2740 Y-32.674
N2750 Z-0.687 F2000
N2760 X-6. F1500
N2770 Y-32.626
N2780 Z-0.737 F2000
N2790 X121. F1500
N2800 Y-32.579
N2810 Z-0.787 F2000
N2820 X-6. F1500
N2830 Y-32.532
N2840 Z-0.837 F2000
N2850 X121. F1500
N2860 Y-32.486
N2870 Z-0.887 F2000
N2880 X-6. F1500
N2890 Y-32.441
N2900 Z-0.938 F2000
N2910 X121. F1500
N2920 Y-32.396
N2930 Z-0.988 F2000
N2940 X-6. F1500
N2950 Y-32.351
N2960 Z-1.038 F2000
N2970 X121. F1500
N2980 Y-32.307
N2990 Z-1.088 F2000
N3000 X-6. F1500
N3010 Y-32.263
N3020 Z-1.138 F2000
N3030 X121. F1500
N3040 Y-32.22
N3050 Z-1.188 F2000
N3060 X-6. F1500
N3070 Y-32.177
N3080 Z-1.238 F2000
N3090 X121. F1500
N3100 Y-32.134
N3110 Z-1.288 F2000
N3120 X-6. F1500
N3130 Y-32.092
N3140 Z-1.338 F2000
N3150 X121. F1500
N3160 Y-32.051
N3170 Z-1.389 F2000
N3180 X-6. F1500
N3190 Y-32.01
N3200 Z-1.439 F2000
N3210 X121. F1500
N3220 Y-31.969
N3230 Z-1.489 F2000
N3240 X-6. F1500
N3250 Y-31.929
N3260 Z-1.539 F2000
N3270 X121. F1500
N3280 Y-31.889
N3290 Z-1.589 F2000
N3300 X-6. F1500
N3310 Y-31.849
N3320 Z-1.639 F2000
N3330 X121. F1500
N3340 Y-31.81
N3350 Z-1.689 F2000
N3360 X-6. F1500
N3370 Y-31.772
N3380 Z-1.739 F2000
N3390 X121. F1500
N3400 Y-31.733
N3410 Z-1.789 F2000
N3420 X-6. F1500
N3430 Y-31.695
N3440 Z-1.839 F2000
N3450 X121. F1500
N3460 Y-31.658
N3470 Z-1.89 F2000
N3480 X-6. F1500
N3490 Y-31.621
N3500 Z-1.94 F2000
N3510 X121. F1500
N3520 Y-31.584
N3530 Z-1.99 F2000
N3540 X-6. F1500
N3550 Y-31.547
N3560 Z-2.04 F2000
N3570 X121. F1500
N3580 Y-31.511
N3590 Z-2.09 F2000
N3600 X-6. F1500
N3610 Y-31.475
N3620 Z-2.14 F2000
N3630 X121. F1500
N3640 Y-31.44
N3650 Z-2.19 F2000
N3660 X-6. F1500
N3670 Y-31.405
N3680 Z-2.24 F2000
N3690 X121. F1500
N3700 Y-31.37
N3710 Z-2.29 F2000
N3720 X-6. F1500
N3730 Y-31.336
N3740 Z-2.34 F2000
N3750 X121. F1500
N3760 Y-31.302
N3770 Z-2.39 F2000
N3780 X-6. F1500
N3790 Y-31.269
N3800 Z-2.44 F2000
N3810 X121. F1500
N3820 Y-31.235
N3830 Z-2.491 F2000
N3840 X-6. F1500
N3850 Y-31.202
N3860 Z-2.541 F2000
N3870 X121. F1500
N3880 Y-31.17
N3890 Z-2.591 F2000
N3900 X-6. F1500
N3910 Y-31.137
N3920 Z-2.641 F2000
N3930 X121. F1500
N3940 Y-31.105
N3950 Z-2.691 F2000
N3960 X-6. F1500
N3970 Y-31.074
N3980 Z-2.741 F2000
N3990 X121. F1500
N4000 Y-31.042
N4010 Z-2.791 F2000
N4020 X-6. F1500
N4030 Y-31.011
N4040 Z-2.841 F2000
N4050 X121. F1500
N4060 Y-30.981
N4070 Z-2.891 F2000
N4080 X-6. F1500
N4090 Y-30.95
N4100 Z-2.941 F2000
N4110 X121. F1500
N4120 Y-30.92
N4130 Z-2.991 F2000
N4140 X-6. F1500
N4150 Y-30.89
N4160 Z-3.041 F2000
N4170 X121. F1500
N4180 Y-30.861
N4190 Z-3.091 F2000
N4200 X-6. F1500
N4210 Y-30.832
N4220 Z-3.141 F2000
N4230 X121. F1500
N4240 Y-30.803
N4250 Z-3.192 F2000
N4260 X-6. F1500
N4270 Y-30.774
N4280 Z-3.242 F2000
N4290 X121. F1500
N4300 Y-30.746
N4310 Z-3.292 F2000
N4320 X-6. F1500
N4330 Y-30.718
N4340 Z-3.342 F2000
N4350 X121. F1500
N4360 Y-30.69
N4370 Z-3.392 F2000
N4380 X-6. F1500
N4390 Y-30.663
N4400 Z-3.442 F2000
N4410 X121. F1500
N4420 Y-30.636
N4430 Z-3.492 F2000
N4440 X-6. F1500
N4450 Y-30.609
N4460 Z-3.542 F2000
N4470 X121. F1500
N4480 Y-30.582
N4490 Z-3.592 F2000
N4500 X-6. F1500
N4510 Y-30.556
N4520 Z-3.642 F2000
N4530 X121. F1500
N4540 Y-30.53
N4550 Z-3.692 F2000
N4560 X-6. F1500
N4570 Y-30.504
N4580 Z-3.742 F2000
N4590 X121. F1500
N4600 Y-30.479
N4610 Z-3.792 F2000
N4620 X-6. F1500
N4630 Y-30.453
N4640 Z-3.842 F2000
N4650 X121. F1500
N4660 Y-30.428
N4670 Z-3.892 F2000
N4680 X-6. F1500
N4690 Y-30.404
N4700 Z-3.942 F2000
N4710 X121. F1500
N4720 Y-30.379
N4730 Z-3.992 F2000
N4740 X-6. F1500
N4750 Y-30.355
N4760 Z-4.043 F2000
N4770 X121. F1500
N4780 Y-30.331
N4790 Z-4.093 F2000
N4800 X-6. F1500
N4810 Y-30.329
N4820 Z-4.098 F2000
N4830 X121. F1500
N4840 G0 Z50.
N4850 M09
N4860 G53 Z0. Y500.
N4870 M30