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    Yes my bad
    No problem, i appreciate the help :)

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    Question for anyone that knows, i have now bought a contactor to control the 240v side or the toroidal power supply. The coil is 24v and it is wired up and functioning but it seems to get very hot! I have disconnected the 240v to verify its the coil side that is hot and it is so my question is whether this is normal? I first noticed it when I smelt it!

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    It should not run that hot
    double check your not connecting 24V DC to a 24V AC coil !

    which contactor do you have ?


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    I didn't even think you'd get a a 24v a.c. coil! Hmm...mayve it is now that I've had another look, it says 24v 50hz. :(

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    Yes I have seen that before. 😡
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    The resistance of a 24V AC coil is too low to limit the current to a safe level when its connect to 24V DC

    Connecting a DC coil to AC will reduce the current and may not pull in the contactor
    and the eddy currents in the magnetic core heat the core
    (usually laminated cores for AC & solid for DC)

    Its a few year ago I last bought contactors from RS conponents

    The klockner moeller contactors I bought had 48V dc coils ,
    I clipped 2 contactors onto a mechanical interlock for 3 phase motor direction control
    (to make it impossible for both contactor to make a connection )

    From what I remember the coils available was
    24V DC , 48V DC , 24V AC , 48V AC , 110V AC , 240V AC or 420V AC

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