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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, Adam, as I think I'll be on here a fair amount! I've been doing a lot of CAD work over the past couple of years (mainly solidworks) but now looking into actually getting stuff made

    I will probably be in touch with a few of you that take requests to see what can be done.

    But while I'm here though, I was wondering if anyone knows of any places in the UK (midlands mainly, but willing to travel) where you can actually rent time/use of CNC machines and other workshop equipment? There's lots of places in the US that do it, where you pay say $20 per hour to use the machines yourself. I really want to get stuck in and mill myself so I can really learn but can't find anything similar. Has anyone come across anything like this over here?

    Look forward to chatting/working with you guys!

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    Welcome to the forums, have you looked at doing a course or some sort of evening activity, I know some schools/colleges have evening class's where you get to use and learn on their machine?

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