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    Y axis:
    I've extended the slot giving upto 203mm total travel giving me the option of adding a 10mm spacer to the head to be able to truly use all available (180mm true cut area as is).

    I've packed the 1605DFU nuts with tin foil and got backlash down to 0.02mm. Hopefully it's not too tight and eats itself, there is a slight friction there. May find some thinner stuff and back it off a touch.

    Made the bearing block so it has the 2x 8mm bolts and 4x 6mm bolts and threaded the base to suit. Wanted more holding to take the weight of the Nema34 1090oz motor. Has an extended nut mount to minimize any chance of nut wobble and has been re-positioned to get the saddle within 15mm distance to the column. This prevents the massive overhang you get at the front end which can lead to the saddle twisting at the extremes of travel.

    It's been fitted with AC bearings 32x12x10mm

    It was easier and tidier to locate the oiler manifold towards the front of the machine imo. Unfortunately not great for aesthetics though.

    Z axis:
    Has been fitted with 1605 size screw as I couldn't afford 2005 at the time.

    This has a double mount unit bolted together for the ballnuts. I have done a DFU type system fitted using a single nut at the top and bottom of it. Haven't tested motion yet.

    Drag chains for the oil and flood coolant lines and there is a modification to the way cover using a roller unit and 0.5mm nitrile rubber sheet. It isn't shown fitted as I kept knocking it and snapping the plastic mountings off it.

    Same AC bearings as the Y axis and a larger 1600oz Nema34 motor.

    X axis:
    I'm only in the measuring stages. Have made the nut mount, channeled the saddle so the nut slots in under the table and cut down the top of the nut itself so far.
    This will get similar components to the Y axis.

    The enclosure is almost complete except for doors and some minor bits that need finishing. Will prob use a temporary shower curtain first just to get it going.
    There's a 40L tank underneath for the pump & coolant and already have a 3 stage filter system with 400/200 micron stainless steel mesh with 4.5L chip capacity. This system is coming over from my X2 which sadly for some reason no longer gives a good finish.

    All parts have been made on the X2.

    The control PC is below the roof, the monitor is to the right above the enclosure and the control box will go on a shelf to the left.

    Would like to wire in the 0-10v spindle control to make things easier but haven't a clue how to wire it in
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