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    Hi girls and boy's from sunny Croatia.
    My name is Sandi,I'm 22 y/o.
    Im interested in building my first cnc.for a long time dreaming about cnc,I allmost bought so3 xxl the other day when I discover workbee so it's kinda dillema now what to do.

    As it goes for so3,beefier extruisions are (i think) better but its belt driven,workbee is acme screw driven but I'm concern about overall stiffnes of c beam(speaking about 1000X750mm one).
    I don't know how good option is to buy either of those two and later spend more $ on stiffening,converting,redoing things etc.kinda doesn't make sense to me,I would rather spend more in the begining than constant upgradeing.(+ on that is learning how to do things and how machine works)

    I'm planning to cut mostly hard woods (guitar body's and neck's) and occasionaly alu and brass.
    third option is to build one.

    Being said that Im newbie in this teritory,I have to learn alot about different controllers(ethernet,wifi) drivers(analog/digital) electronics(bob's limit and home switches,slaveing another x axis motor) calculations about ballscrew dia and pitch etc.So alot to learn.

    I was thinking,if I go with diy route about welded steel base,aluminum extruison for y axis.working area of around 900X800mm and 180mm z axis travel (kinda in 1x1m footprint)2.2 kw water cooled spindle hiwin rails,bst(fred) ballscrews and nema 23 steppers and digital drivers,smoothstepper ethernet controller etc...
    I would like to hear opinions how other started,do you think kit route is better idea?

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    Hi and welcome!

    It sounds like your game to build your own machine, I would say go for it over those other machines!, steel frame is a great choice if you can weld and a much better base to upgrade on if you need to.

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