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    Hi, thanks for letting me join the forum, I am new to CNC, I have been playing about with #D printers for some time now, and after building six of them I thought it time to have a go with CNC routers. I enjoy building and sailing RC model boats, mainlt warships and steam boats and found my new hobbies will come in handy as I drag myself kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

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    Hi Nick999, welcome to the forum!

    You'll be able to ;mass produce' you're own models now then? :)

    I work at printers as well but I'm not familiar with #D printers, what are they?

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    Ah, sorry, made a typo, should read 3D printers or to fse the correct term FDM machine, Fused Deposition Modelling.

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    Ah, okay!

    So you've made 3d printers then? interesting!

    I've just rebuilt a CNC machine of my own and thinking about building a 3D printer next! Maybe we can help each other! :)

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