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    This CNC lathe system needs to be completed to get it fully operational (it is all working but not fully integrated) and I really don't have the time or the enthusiasm (let alone space) so I will offer it for sale.
    The system is based on the Myford ML10 lathe and was called the Conect 121. This system, however, is different and has replaced NEMA motors and can be used in manual mode as well. It runs off a System 45 CNC controller and all appears OK - ie I can jog the carriage and cross slide in both directions but I have not had time to check all the settings with MACH3.
    I am listing the parts individually just in case someone is after certain parts or wants to install their own electronics. All parts are working but need a little more adjustment.

    The machine has ballscrews installed with covers.

    Myford with NEMA's ballscrews, cross slide etc, tailstock and relevant parts 495.00 (VGC)

    Myford ML10 cabinet stand 195.00 (VGC)

    System 45 CNC system with X&Z axes 195.00 (as new) (It is 2 axis and also has a speed controller board that I have not tried)

    3 Phase inverter and 1HP motor 120.00 (as new) (I have connected this to the motor and it works very well)

    PC unit for above can be supplied but will require a screen.

    Let me know if you require any specific photographs - which I will take at the weekend.

    The price for the complete system is 900.00

    Regards, Matt

    (Based just south of Yeovil, Somerset)

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