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    I want a motor to rotate something while it's being measured; i was going to attach an encoder to it and turn by hand, so think any small motor would do it.
    But I have a 16035 servo drive and if I had a large motor I could make a rotary axis to machine the cam templates.
    I might even be interested in AC servo motor & drive.
    Thanks in advance for all the motors I will be offered.
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    All seems rather vague, not sure whether your asking for motors or just daydreaming

    I do have various 5 phase steppers with integrated g'boxes' , a 50 - 1 harmonic g'box, 10 - 1 very low backlash g'box, large 36 - 1 g'box, small DC drive with encoder and 50 - 1 harmonic g'box

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    What are these "cam templates" of which you speak? ;-)
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    The harmonic drive sounds interesting. details?

    Yes it was a bit vague as I hadn't really decided what to use, just daydreaming;--)

    I have various cams for my old bikes, all worn, and I decided to try a bit of cam grinding.
    Grinder will be using a lobe template to alter the wheel/cam centres.
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