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    Hi All,

    i have been running the Chinese 6040 for a couple of years on light work and i have been happy with it so far. a couple of weeks ago the X axis stopped working so after a little research i managed to swap the A axis driver (which was never used) over and it worked great. yesterday however the Y axis stopped working and again after swapping drivers around it was confirmed to be a driver issue. this leads me to my questions
    where in the UK can i get a replacement YOC335 driver FAST as i need to finish a job.
    would i be as well replacing all the drivers and BOB and if so would i need to replace the stepper motors?
    can you make some recommendations as i know absolutely nothing about any of this and after reading some threads i am even more confused

    thank you in advance

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    Various Chinese 6040 manufactures use different electronic hardware
    some use an all in one board others a variety of breakout boards and stepper drivers

    photos of the electronic hardware in your machine will be helpful

    If you have lost two” X axis stepper drivers”
    inspect the cable connecting the X axis motor to your control box for damage
    an intermittent break will damage the driver

    a quick web search for the YOC335 didn't indicate if its built around the TB6560 or TB6600 IC
    open the faulty driver and take a picture of the board

    to complete the job you may find you can obtain a TB6600 based driver for example quicker than the original YOC335
    one thing to check is the connectors : –
    some have screw terminals for all connections others 2 and 4 pin connectors

    what's power supply output voltage ?

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    Hi John and thank you for the reply

    it was the X axis that originally stopped working but this time it is the Y axis.
    when the X axis went i did read about checking wires and i did change the X axis one but i found it to be a little more fiddly than i thought it would be. i also didn't ground it out as i wasn't confident in soldering a wire to the sheath without damaging the wires below, anyway i am sure that it isn't the wires causing the issue

    i have looked at other drivers but was unsure if they are compatible or if i had to change the motors as well. the terminal connectors on the drivers are also a concern as i wouldn't have a clue which wire is which.

    the power supply voltage is 24volt

    i have contacted cnc4you and they are currently looking into which driver would be best suited as a replacement so i will let you know what they say. in the mean time i have attached a photo i took of the X axis driver but they are all the same

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20190524_134040.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    It looks like the driver is one of the many TB6560 based drivers

    some CNC kits sold comprise of motors & drivers and a 36V power supply
    the TB6560 IC has a maximum supply limit of 24V !!!! so the drivers don't last very long

    most if not all TB6560 drivers do have design problems


    with the 24V supply they should be OK but the low supply voltage limits the speed you can step the motor

    do you have a multimeter to do some simple continuity checks ?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	driver terminals.jpg 
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    the main thing is to connect one motor coil across the +A & -A terminals
    and the other across the +B & -B terminals

    you can sort out the motors direction later in software


    your driver looks like another version of the TX14207

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TX14207.jpg 
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    going by this diagram it looks like the + step , + direction & + enable terminals are commoned and only have one + 5V connection to the breakout board +5V

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	6040 TX14207 TB6560 stepper driver wiring.jpg 
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    thanks again john even though that is as clear as mud lol
    the thread you linked to was well over my head
    not sure what you mean by
    going by this diagram it looks like the + step , + direction & + enable terminals are commoned and only have one + 5V connection to the breakout board +5V
    i have managed to get my hands on a TB6560 v2 but it looks nothing like the one in the photo you posted (see attached)
    the switches are also different but hopefully i can figure these out as there is the info printed on the board
    would this work do you think ?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20190525_184120.jpg 
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    after comparing the two boards i think i could match most of the wiring up. the only ones i am unsure are marked up on the YOC335 board as DIR +, DIR- and PUL+, PUL-
    on the TB6560 board they are CW+, CW- and CLK+, CLK-
    it doesn't look like the EN+ - are used
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    yes your correct

    the odd thing about these boards is the enable is a negative logic input
    the board is enable with no input and disabled by a 5V enable signal !!!

    the TB6560 CLK = YOC335 board PUL

    TB6560 CW = YOC335 board DIR

    connect the +5V wire (or wires) from the breakout board to the +CLK & +CW (positive clock & positive clockwise

    the BOB's - PUL (negative pulse ) to the TB6560 - CLK (negative clock)

    the BOB's - DIR (negative direction ) to the TB6560 - CW (negative clockwise)

    without the data for the original drivers or motors we don't know what the motor current is

    I would start with switches SW! to SW3 &S1 set to 1.5A
    S2 for stop current 50%

    if the torque is lower than with the YOC335 board increase the current in small increments and re test
    if you set the current too high the motor will over heat

    as we don't know the setting for the number of microsteps
    try S3 &S4 set to 8 micro steps
    if the axis moves too far set it to 16 micro stepps

    you may need to make other adjustments in Mach3

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    ok that makes sense John

    now to the switches, i thought this might be easy but no lol

    on the YOC335 i have

    pulse/rev = 1600
    decay mode = 0%
    peak/rms = 3.5/1.8
    switch 7 set to half current

    so am i right in thinking the TB6560 should be set like this
    sw1 = on
    sw2 = off
    sw3 = off
    s1 = off
    giving a working current of 1.6

    s2 (stop current) i am unsure off

    s3 = off
    s4 = on
    the above two switches are marked as excitation mode which i presume is the pulse/rev so i have it set to 16

    s5 = off
    s6 = off

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    having watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRoe4_XM884 i think my voltage should be set to maximum ie SW1,2 and 3 on and S1 off giving a current of 3amps ???

    and after watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy8vDJTGCY4 the S2 should be set to off as i don't want the motor to move
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    the motor current set by SW1,2 , 3 and S1 depend on your motor
    the one in the youtube video may not be the same as yours

    if it has a partnumber that enables you to download the motors data sheet
    it will make it easy

    without the information I would start at about 1.5 A

    the YOC335 switch 7 set to half current = the TB6560 S2 (stop current) set to 50%

    with a 200 step/rev motor
    the YOC335 pulse/rev = 1600 gives you 1600/200 micro steps = 8

    so you need to set the TB6560 switches S3 & S4 to 8 (both to 1)


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