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    Hi all Doug here. I'm new to the forum, just hope I can get some fixes. I have a Probotix Fireball V90 which works very well. However, it was cutting just fine yesterday and today as soon as I pulled up Mach3 it always comes up where you have to reset. That is standard. Today was no exception. After loading my g-code and ready for a cut, I turned the controller on and the reset came on again. I clicked at least 10 times and finally it reset. I got everything ready for the cut, started and behold it was working. Unfortunately I had to stop and ref-all. It got half way back to home, reset came back on saying "limit switch triggered" and has yet to reset all day. Usually, I can turn the controller off then hand move all three axis, reset hit ref-all and it all works but not this time. The only thing I'm not good at is going into Mach3 settings and wondering if I change something I won't know how to fix back again. I bought this machine used and already put together so it's all a mystery to me. I have both manuals from Probotix and Artsoft, but nowhere does it have anything on trouble shooting. Can anyone give me a clue and thanks for anything. I'm 77, cncing for 6 years, hand routing with a palm router since 2005. Cnc is a God send for me I love it. Thanks Doug

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    Slit your text into paragraphs to make it more readable.
    If it's not your switch wiring it's EMI causing spurious triggers, in which case increase the timing for trigger inputs.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    If the machine has been working for a while check the limit switch cables for damage

    repeatedly being flexed in the same place will break the wires
    very often near to the connectors connecting the limit switch to the cable

    is your controller like this
    Click image for larger version. 

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    web page gives details of wiring to the various connectors

    if you are getting "limit switch triggered" before the machine moves

    do you know if the limit switches are normally open or normally closed ?

    un plug the limit swich cables and in mach3 change the limit switch setting

    assuming the switches are normally closed so the BOB input is low until a switch opens

    in mach3 ports and pins
    change the limit switch pins from active high to active low ( or vice versa depending on your settings)

    this will disable the limit switches so your control will not see a trigger from a faulty switch or cable

    if your control now works you will need to check the limit switches and cables

    if you still getting spurious triggers you may need to open the control box to check the 5V supply to the breakout board


    do you have a multimeter to do continuity tests and check various voltages
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