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    I stumbled onto this site via I don't know how I've managed to miss it so far, as I'm an avid junkie for all things machining related on the web.

    I am lucky to have some very nice machines in my home shop. I have a Deckel FP2NC mill, Aciera F-2 mill, Monarch 10EE lathe, Colchester Chipmaster lathe, and lots of tooling. What I don't have is space. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where doghouses cost what normal houses cost elsewhere. Hence, all my toy are crammed into what passed as a two-car garage in 1951, when my house was built.

    I look forward to learning and contributing, even if I am a Yank. (Does that count?: My in-laws are from Huddersfield Yorkshire and Twickenham outside London. My wife's cousin is Robert Bray, maker of spectacular clocks in Huddersfield )

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    Hello rklopp, welcome :wave:

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    Your very welcome :wave:


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