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    Whilst looking at ways of keeping swarf and crud out of the Hiwin carriages on my Z-axis the thought struck me that some blocks of felt with the appropriate shaped cutout might do a good job, and would help provide lubrication if doused in oil. Has anyone tried anything like this I wonder??? I was thinking of getting something laser cut out of 6mm felt, but would the laser fuse the ends of the fibres and detract from the wiping action I wonder???
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    Not as requested but better job, also have a link to a method of making this if your interested.


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    Thanks for the suggestion Mike, I'm intending to use a customised version of the BeiFute things on the X-axis, however on Z there's not enough side to side room to accomodate them without losing significant Z travel. That felt is just the stuff I want to use, thanks for the link to a small volume supplier, will save buying a big sheet.

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