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    I have burnt out the motor on my Kress 1050 FME-1 by inadvertently overloading it.
    Would anyone know if it is possible or cost effective to repair please? Since I have invested in many collets and bracket clamps etc..
    Practical advice greatly appreciated.

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    Probably not cost-effective I wouldn't have thought where did you get it from? Just wondering if they can supply parts from another broken doner unit...

    I've got a spare custom (bored) SK type mount for the kress units if anyone needs one, 15, dunno what the postage will be.
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    Lee - I bought it new. So will probably chop it to use a remote belt drive motor so as to utilise the mount, spindle head and collets!!
    250 down the drain just because I forgot the minus when zeroing the bed offset to save the spoilboard.

    Do`nt programme when you are tired

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    Nightmare, going for a DIY brushless motor kind of thing or something else?

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    Well the exercise was to to push a Z axis forward in order to machine from a vertical table at the machine front. That`s why I used the Kress instead of the w/c 2200 for lightness in the overhang. But just resurrected a Quick Step milling attachment and currently cadding a mount. Surprisingly versatile! It fits like it was made to be. Naturally needs to extend forward to fit in. Just like to know the motor power, but details are scarce.

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    Sounds intresting...take a pic? whats the project?

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    Lee -Cannot stop tweaking this. Will post when I finalise deliberations. Probably after the weekend now.

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    First of all a message to Lee, this bloody forum software is awful ! If you type a long reply, it is too easy to lose your typing by pressing the wrong key. € was sought and all my reply was lost......


    It may not be the motor coils that are FUBAR, if you take the top cover off the spindle and check the resistance of the motor where it plugs into the speed controller (two white wires?) It should be around 15 ohm. If your motor is burnt out, try looking for motor rewinds locally. I have not seen motor stator and rotor coils offered as spares by AMB/Kress. If the controller is buggered, then a new one is about €45 + tax and shipping. You can't run the motor without the speed controller (well - technically, you can, but it will only last a few seconds).

    I have a project in progress (waiting for a GX16 5 way plug and socket) to fit a speed controller that uses the PWM pulse from the BoB and optical feedback to maintain a set speed. I have had the kit for 6 years, but whilst my Kress spindle was working OK, then I did not wish to disturb it, but the brushes wore out recently...

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