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    shop-apt.co.uk have introduced a selection of Metric Course Machine Taps.

    Available in Bright, VAP (Steam tempered) TiN coated & TiAlN coated.

    To start with we only stock M2.5-M16 Metric Course in time we will stock Metric Fine and some others.

    Voucher Code 'taps20' can be used till 30th June 2019 to receive 20% off.

    Range of Machine Taps Here.

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    That would be COARSE probably unless you are starting up a training centre:)

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    Not impressed with pricing, and I deal with commercial industrial suppliers.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Well taking a look the prices seem ok to me but that is very dependent on the quality.. What would you expect to pay for a M6 x1 spiral flute Tin coated?.. decent quality branded taps can be pretty pricey but worth the spend. The last thing you want is tapping holes as the last op of a job and get broken taps. If the quality is good then i think the prices are fair. Generally the quality from apt is fair to good and not uncommonly exceptional, good value for money overall. I use a fair amount of their tools on commercial work on my Vmc's and they fair well for the price.

    What exactly are you machining and the materials?

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    The taps are priced OK but a new range and presumably that's why they're advertised here.
    I looked at the rest of the rotating tooling and for example a 6mm 3 flute polished carbide end mill for aluminium isn't much less than a customer with an account might pay for Alu Power cutters from Cutwel Tools, I'm getting comparable performance and life to Alu Power from locally sourced cutters at slightly more than half the price and always on the shelf around 3 miles away :D

    I'm a Gunsmith working in a wide range of Aluminium alloys, Titanium 6AL4V, 316, 304, 303, D2, EN1, EN1A and the list goes on
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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