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    I have one further question.
    I have wired forward and reverse operation to an external switch (3positions, middle position no switch, forward and reverse permanent).
    How to wire and program emergency stop?
    Only cut com of external switch or wire it to x post and set it up in menue?


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    For industrial use follow local regulations
    For personal use it depends on your level of risk. If you interrupt the com line with the estop the machine may startup when you reset it which is not safe.
    I used a self latching relay so you have to restart the machine after an estop.

    I have not looked into any built in estop function on the input terminals X1,X2 etc but I remember something about them in the instructions so there might be a way.
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    It's only for personal use. At the moment there is no estop, so cutting com of switch will be saver than it is
    There is a option for estop in menu, but I don't know what it do, so I have to test it. I don't also know what happens if one post is connected to ground permanent by operation switch.

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    Will use Bangood AT2 model to control swimming pool pump. Pump should operate on low frequency, (less consumption). But wenn starting at 20 Hz the pump will not start. Pump starts st higher frequency.
    Anyone know how I can setup parameters?

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