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    Wired it as my other XYS-AT1 unit and the same as Routercnc did in his video. Got the 2 page manual, looked at it after I had wired it, no load just the three mains wires. The manual says different than the board?! Routercnc mentions in his video a similar issue with another inverter. UK seller has agreed to take it back for refund, annoying as it was £30, guess I know why :)


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    I think Marbles' question was -

    Earth : Live : Neutral (as per the 'manual')


    Earth : Neutral : Live (as per the board)

    This goes through a rectifier so I can't see how L and N either way around makes a difference.
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    Indeed that was my question. I, as did you plumped for Earth : Neutral : Live (as per the board)

    Both resisters just behind the first blue caps popped and burst into flames. Maybe a short somewhere else on the board or whateverz. Something clearly wrong with that unit which is why it was on ebay no doubt. Ocht well eh, maybe this is the moment to try a HY (Huangyang)

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    For info the unit that went bang on first switch on many years ago was a Huanyang, so you take your chances with anything in this sort of price bracket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by routercnc View Post
    For info the unit that went bang on first switch on many years ago was a Huanyang, so you take your chances with anything in this sort of price bracket.
    I've probably fitted 100+ Huanyang now and I've only had one go bang when turning on and that was when they first arrived on the scene 10+yrs ago. It only a Thermister and a very simple fix.
    These newer Huanyang are much much better quality and very reliable, I've not had a single one fail in use.

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    This is from the link you posted https://www.banggood.com/2_2KW-220V-...r_warehouse=CN

    In that link it shows the wiring as AC-AC-U-V-W-earth. So if that is correct putting earth and Live on the first two terminals would have only blown the MCB or fuse and should not have damaged the VFD.
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    Just like to say thanks.
    Used these settings for 2.2 kw 3hp single phase to single phase.
    (With only a few change in parameters ) for my needs. 72” belt grinder.
    It ran and I had speed control.
    Think it might need a few more adjustments, but works.
    Thanks again.

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    Hi all,

    I've just stumbled across this thread trying to find answers for setting up my own VFD - which is not the dark-grey model on eBay, but the beige one, although I think it uses the same electronics in a different case. But the instruction sheet is equally rubbish ;)

    Earlier I did come across another post on another forum that uses the following settings:

    Huanyang Mactec54
    PD000=0 for Parameter unlock ( 1 ) for Parameter Lock
    PD001=0 (1 For Remote Control)
    PD011=120 (Minimum Setting 120)
    PD13= 08 is for Factory reset, Only use this to set VFD to Factory Default Settings
    PD014 Accel=12 ( Adjust to suit)
    PD015 Deccl=12 (Adjust to suit) ( PD15 is ignored IF PD26=1 Then the Spindle will Coast to a Stop)
    PD141=220 ( Motor Rated Voltage )
    PD142=9 ( Motor Max Amps) (Set for your motor Amp Rating 2.2Kw Spindle 9 amp Max)
    (Set for your motor Amp Rating 1.5Kw Spindle 7 amp Max)
    PD143=2 ( Motor Number of Poles)
    PD144=3000 (Max Motor RPM) =3,000= (24,000)

    My point here is that I notice tarawa is US-based, not UK, where the input mains voltage is 110v, as opposed to our 240v. So does anyone have an explanation as to what each of these parameters do and is their an explanation of what these these parameters are?

    e.g. I assume P002 (tarawa's figures) is the input voltage?

    Currently I am getting an Error Code 1 if I turn the speed up above 16 on the readout (I think that's the frequency?), so I'm guessing a limit has been preset at the factory.

    Any help is much appreciated :)

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    During my search on the internet about the settings of the XSY-AT1 I came across this forum.

    I have the 1.5 KW version and a 1.1 KW motor with 2780 revolutions. Without load the motor runs, but when I hold the shaft it has no power and just stutters, the VFD then shuts down with Error 1.
    It seems like the VFD is overloaded with the starting current.

    I will upload a video on Youtube and post the link here.

    I would be happy if you could give me tips on the settings.

    Best thanks
    Many greetings

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    I am using the XSY-AT1 invertor in my drill press upgrade, video series starts here:

    I talk through all the parameters I used in episode 2. Skip to 17:17 if you just want the parameters part:

    Below is a pdf of my version of the parameter sheet as the one supplied is quite hard to follow. I colour coded it according to whether I thought the parameter was required for setting up the motor, preferences, input devices, advance users and not documented.
    This may be of some help, but use at your own risk:

    Error code 1 = module protection
    Error code 2 = under voltage protection
    Error code 3 = over voltage protection
    Error code 4 = driving circuit failure
    Error code 5 = input at startup when electrified
    Error code 6 = over current protection
    Error code 7 = overtime
    Error code 8 = excessive temperature for radiator
    Error code 9 = external fault
    Last edited by routercnc; 4 Days Ago at 08:05 PM. Reason: added error codes
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
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