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    Hi all,
    I'm planning some of the electronics for my build. I want to connect various machine functions to my control box and would appreciate some advice about good connectors to do so. I want multi-strand connections so I can, for example, hookup all of my servo wires into a single plug (between 4-8 wires per connector approximately).

    I looked into round DIN connectors but often I'm paying 10 for a male/female pair and would have to use multi-strand cable to make this work.

    Next I considered Molex connectors (like those white plastic ones used inside your PC). These are reasonably cheap and will work well with individual mono-core wires. Main problem with these is that they are not designed to mount on an enclosure.

    So.... what are you guys using? I am not looking to drop another 100 on the 16 or so connectors I need!
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    What sort of current /voltage rating will you need for the servos? That may determine your choice to some extent. BTW, there is (or certainly was a few years back) one of Molex type connectors which does come with an option of a sort of chassis mounting bracket - but it was hardly what you'd call an industrial connector, more aimed at supporting something going through an internal bulkhead IMHO. Unfortunately the words GOOD, CHEAP and RELIABLE don't often sit side by side in the connector world. If the current and voltage limits and a plastic shell are OK, check out the Bulgin Buccaneer range, probably the 400 series - good for the money. Alternatively you could go for a couple of big multiways.

    Also it may be worth thinking about what sort of cabling you need to use before deciding the connector, just to make sure they'll fit.... I know very little about industrial servo drives, but it may be that there's a certain amount (or even quite a lot) of noise/interference on the motor outputs, which would mean you'd want to use a screened cable for those to stop them interfering with everything else. And if that's the case you certainly wouldn't be wanting to run the motor wires down the same cable as the encoder wires.
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    GX16's seem to be popular.
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    GX16's are a good shout - and if the cable entry is a bit small, there's always the big brother the GX20 - not so easy to find in the UK, but cheap and plentiful on Aliexpress
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    If i am to do my build again i would use Neutrik Lock type audio connector for speakers. I believe its the cheapest and most reliable connector that is best suited for CNC , they have various poles, 4, 8. Its solid, female is bolted to enclosure, etc..


    PS. having bad connection in the machine could cost one a lot of wasted nerves and time. And money, so i wouldn't be cheap there.
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