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    I am redesigning my control box as after learning a bit more discovered a few issues I was previously unaware.
    I have the standard 5 5 axis breakout board and using the UC400eth as well, my question is I power the BoB via USB 5v input, can I then connect the UC400eth to the PC5v and PC GND connectors on the BoB to power it also as at the moment I have a dedicated 5v PSU.

    I currently have 48v PSU for the stepper drivers, 24v PSU for the pump, fans and spindle controls on the BoB, 5v PSU for the UC400eth

    I am aiming to separate the VFD as was originally in the control box and also the pump.

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    The UC400ETh requires a 12V-24V supply, not a 5V supply.
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    You just pointed something out I misread, the uc400 has a step down on board so a 12v24v can be used but it only requires 5v. I misread this when I first got this and been using a dedicated 5v psu for it with no issues, I now no longer require the 5v psu in my set up. Thank you for pointing this out I just made some more space in my box.
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