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    I bought it a few years ago and haven't even opened the box it came in yet.
    I don't think I will use it so is it of any interest to anyone?
    I was hoping for 130, that's including postage.
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    Does it have all the cables with it?

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    I had a look and it's just the board. I took some pics, sorry about the crappy camera,
    I didn't open the bag it's in.
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    Definitely Ethernet not USB?
    Could do with finding the cables if you got them with it.
    Will cost a few 's for the leads due to import postage + any fees.

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    I bought it as a Ethernet smoothstepper. I will have to.open the bag to check it. It was bought new from someone on here as an ESS.
    I haven't got any cables.
    I have attached another picture which is a bit clearer, still in the bag but you can see the board layout better and see it's an ESS.
    I can also see the LEDs in the socket.
    Click image for larger version. 

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