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    Hi all,
    I have recently finished building my cnc router it is controlled by a Geckodrive G540 and Mach3 software .I have recently purchased a Opt laser kit PLH3D 6W XF . I have spent many hours trying to get it working but to no avail any help would be brilliant.I run the VFD manually so I intended to use spindle run / speed through Mach3 to control laser output.There are five wires going into laser White Analog input 0-5V , Grey TTL in 0-24V , Yellow Analog / TTL ground ,Green ,ground ,Brown Vcc 12-24V .i have connected yellow to pin 7 on main terminal block on g540 ,White to pin 8 ,and a blue spur from white wire to pin 9 .The way I understand it the input is either TTL or PWM so one wire will be redundant.
    I will attach g540 and laser manual if requested .but they are available on websites.many thanks for looking.regards Phil.

  2. Does the laser work? (try stimulating the Modulation#1 and separately Modulation#2 to prove that the laser actually works. Check both. Use a 5V supply for either.

    What electrical diagnostic equipment do you have access to?

    Have you configured the spindle output channels on Mach3?

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    Hi Doddy ,
    Sorry for the delay just got back from hols , I have just bought a multimeter I have had a beam out of laser so I know it works it is brand new .On the g540 main terminal block I have 48 V going in on pin 1 and 2.I cannot get a reading out of pins 7 , 8 and 9 .pins 1 2 3 and 4 are are showing 11V.I am a total newby to electronics I can take some screen shots of of Mach3 to if it helps to see if I have pins and ports etc set right . Kind regards Phil

  4. So from what I can read from the manuals, provide a +5V supply to Pin 9, with 0V to Pin 7 (the VFD +10V to the Gecko is actually a voltage-supply input... that it uses to derive an analogue output onto pin 8). Connect Pin 8 to the White input, and the 0V (Pin 7) connected to Yellow.

    Monitor the voltage Pin 8 with respect to Pin 7 (VFD Output wrt VFD Ground) and verify that pin 8 responds 0-5V for different G-Code demands for spindle speed. If not, at this point I'd be looking at the Mach3 set-up for the Gecko.

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    Hi Doddy ,
    Thanks a lot mate laser now works perfectly 0-5 via spindle control . My next problem is to fin a post processor that works there are hundreds in the aspire software it would take months of trial and error any ideas ? tried downloading one from J tech but no good,
    Kind regards Phil .
    ps I am wondering if I will ever get this machine working .

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