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    Hello everybody!
    Does anybody have an experience with high speed spindles (35000-45000rpm) for chipboard cutting?
    We want to change our 18000rpm 7,5kw spindle and replace with a new one (42000rpm 10kw) to increase our CNC router cutting speed.
    And here we have a lot of questions in our heads: maybe chipboard at such high speed cutting gets burned edges? Is it possible to use diamond cutters? and so on...
    It would really appreciate if somebody could share his/her own experience. What do You think of this idea ( more rpm= higher cutting speed) in general ?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Don't have exact experience with this, but normally it's not the spindle, it's the router bit.

    Questions should be what exact router bit and how much does it cost? a "normal" PCD diamond bits is around 250-300 euro and 18k rpm.

    I cut laminate using CMT insert bits at 50 euro the bit and very cheap inserts. I believe this is the best normal bit for this job.

    Where did you see a router bit for cutting laminate at 40k RPM and a PCD at same time?????

    PS. If you have the guts to use 700e-1000e router bit, thats probably the best for your job https://www.mobiltecnica.com/es/cabe...ra-ensambles_1
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    Hello Boyan,
    Thank you very much for your replay...
    Actually it was one of the questions in our heads. But we found some producers in the China who declaring what they produce bits for such high speed rotations. And prices are really acceptable. Next week our colleagues in China would make some test with them... After reviews, I would place some comments here...

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    Chinese make nice stuff, cheap stuff but its a copy stuff. If CMT and Onsrud dont have cutters That can do that, i dont see how the Chinese would have.

    I looked now in Onsrud catalogue and see they have a so called High velocity bit. So from tables i see that you can go as far as 0.6mm per tooth. So if you spin that cutter at 40k your machine will have to move with 75m/min.

    So upping the spindle speed does not seem the solution for me.

    How deep you are cutting normally???

    From my calculations you should be able to slot cut Hard Plywood using 16mm indexed bit at 10mm deep at 18k spindle and 7500mm/min feed. That needs |~ 6.6kw power , and if you upgrade spindle will be able to do same at 15mm depth. Tool stick out 40mm and 20mm flute.
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    Is you're machine capable of cutting at 40m-50m/min? And holding parts down at those speeds? If not, the higher RPM will be of no benefit.

    An 18,000 rpm spindle can easily cut at 30m/min with a 3 flute compression bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ger21 View Post
    Is you're machine capable of cutting at 40m-50m/min? And holding parts down at those speeds? If not, the higher RPM will be of no benefit.

    An 18,000 rpm spindle can easily cut at 30m/min with a 3 flute compression bit.
    Exactly, thats what i meant. You said it better. But still 3kw more, according to my calculations will be aproximately 30% faster / or deeper/ so if in a production maybe its worth. But as you say, they will have to be able to hold it down properly, so its the setup... I believe these types of spindles are meant to go on machines that are able to auto feed the sheets and auto evacuate them from table to next stage. The whole chain of production must be fast
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