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    Hello all!

    During the 3dmeetup.uk​, I had the pleasure to meet with the owner of AMORFI (Additive Manufacture for Industry). Steve is a Autodesk​ Certified instructor and very knowledgeable. It has enabled us to take one idea that has always been at the back of our mind forward!

    We would like to announce that we will be offering CAD and CAM courses based on Autodesk Fusion 360​ starting September. Depending on how this goes, we will be offering more courses geared to specific topics like Design for Additive manufacture. Hands on training is also being planned for later when I can afford to have a small pool of machines.

    There will be a number of users that are not big fans of cloud based CAD like Fusion, but the principles we are looking to teach are pretty much transferable to any higher end CAD/CAM package with minor changes.

    For the first course, in Bristol, we will only have a class of 12 people to ensure that we can give everyone the care they require.

    Find out more and book here: https://emvioeng.com/shop/courses/in...ptember-class/

    Limited number of Earlybird tickets are available until the end of July so book soon.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!
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    Hi George,

    This looks like a great opportunity and a good idea, I always recommend people to try Fusion 360.

    I will be keeping an eye on this to see how successful your first class is, how many places have you got left?

    Thanks for sharing this with the community, I wish you all the best and hope it turns out well.

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    Hi Lee,

    been meaning to reply to you sooner, apologies :D

    We are now in the position to have the final 5 seats left! This means that the class will go ahead and I am really excited for it.

    Personally, I am not 100% with the CAD side of Fusion hence Steve who is a Certified instructor is taking that part. I will be doing the CAM side as that is the only CAM I use at the moment.

    With enough traction, I will start organising actual Hands ON CNC courses as well as for 3D Printing. Have been speaking to a Youtuber that is pretty well known to come and do the 3DP course. Should be huge fun!

    Best regards

    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    I'd love to book one of those last 5 places but it's a bit far to walk. I hope it all goes well.

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