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    Hi I'm building a all steel cnc router and looking at spindle motors, I see most of you have the 2.2 kW water cooled spindle.
    I see now that there is a 3.0 kW water cooled spindle available on eBay for a little bit more money ,
    I want to cut aluminium with my machine is it worth upgrading to the 3.0 kW

    Thanks Paul

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    For cutting aluminum - i don't think so, and i can prove it with some calculations of feed and speed if you need. For example on a sturdy machine i can take cuts with 6mm flute 3-6mm deep with 0.8kw spindle

    But if you do that every day- yes, the 3kw spindle has bigger bearings. And will have longer life.

    Where 3kw is more than 2.2 KW is cutting wood deep or using big cutters. making channels in doors, 3d work, etc.

    Anyway, in all that cases you machine has to be extremely sturdy so to be able to make difference. 99% of the time the fixture or the way you fix workpiece is much more important than the KW of the spindle.

    PS. on a production machine always the bigger is the better.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks Boyan
    The main reason for asking was it's about 60.00 more as I need to buy one anyway.

    So thought I would ask the question.

    Cheers Paul

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