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    Hello, just joined, looking to build a router plotter tp replace my defunct old 30+yr calcomp.....

    I hope to compleat a build that will pen plot upto a3, and cut plastics and thin metal/engrave etc (about 150mm depth max)

    I think what i need is flying gantry with something like a dremel attachment

    thing is its got to be a budget build, preferably from scrap and b&q......

    so, hope to be successful at this, as failure would mean buying something to do the job, and i know that would hurt, buying something that should be built.

    I'm active on other groups related to car-pc and car repairs, so i am moderately skilled with hand tools and a soldering iron, and as i build i'll be keeping the other forums updated on my progress, a few of them are all interested to see how i get on.....

    bit more info on me here
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    Welcome Flez

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    Hi Flez :wave:

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