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    When I do a google search the only machines that come up are industrial size

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    The market for hobby is so flooded with rubbish that sells well to the poorly informed that any manufacturer would struggle to compete if they offered a good quality machine at a reasonable price, this is because everyone who is uninformed thinks they should be able to buy something for the price they have in their head and that price is based on the rubbish on offer! :D
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richardtweed View Post
    Currently out of stock, which is just as well !
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    Yeah I'm hearing pretty bad things the more I search these chinese machines, is it possible to get something for about 1500 and any where that does finance on them? I only need it for hobby use and will be cutting stab wood and resin with it, if I cut alluminium it will be very very small cuts of no longer than 65mm.
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    The recurring theme on this forum is 'build your own'. If you buy a cheap chinesey one you will find it a learning experience, and that is probably all. The people that have done that then want to move on to something sturdier, faster and more accurate.

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    I brought the 6040 version of what you are looking at a couple of years ago and only now sorted all the gremlins from that experience to be able to get mine to work.

    To connect with Windows 10 you can buy a controller (UC100, UC300 or UC400) I went for the UC400 as replaced the parallel port connection with an ethernet connection which then made it compatible but as mentioned earlier the components were trash I ended up replacing every interior component which added to an easy 500 to the price bracket.

    to give you an idea this was what was inside the control box:Click image for larger version. 

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    I bough a 6040 Cnc machine off eBay from a lad who got it but his missus went wild and told him to sell it. I won it for around 480 i think and at the time they were approx 1200+.

    I got it home and used it to build my bigger one which is on the forum and i have never upgraded or fiddled with it. It came with the ball screws and the crap cheap controller that everyone had problems with but in my case it has never let me down and is absolutely spot on every time i use it.

    I am expecting it to go "bad" as described in other threads but until then i will leave it alone.

    But it is heavy and if you can get a bargain like i did i would go no lower than a 6040 as they can be modified to do great work if need be.

    Cheers Skiprat
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    Have to agree with skiprat, 3020 is a bit on the light side, my MD was similar size and that just added to its list of inadequacies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skiprat View Post
    I bought a 6040 Cnc machine off eBay from a lad who got it but his missus went wild and told him to sell it.
    It's like the joke - "I bought a CNC machine and her indoors went ballistic, she told me to get rid of it or she goes. So reluctantly - She is 53 years old and a good cook - anyone interested?"

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    Sounds like you boys need to implement the policy my wife and I use...

    Each month we each get an equal fixed sum to spend on our individual hobbies. What you buy is your own business. How long you save it up for a special purpose is your own business. If you run out of money that's your own problem.

    Works wonders for helping you decide what you will and won't decide to spend your money on. Removes any possible source of arguments about what you've bought.

    Engineering is the art of doing for ten shillings what any fool can do for a pound.

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