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    I have some pressing questions about OmniTech's 1212 CNC machine. its just a simple 4'x4' cutting table with liquid cooled spindle, for those who are curious. The trouble I'm having is probably all software-based. You see, the installer version of Mach 3 that came on the files disk wouldn't run, so I just downloaded the program offline from Newfangled Solutions. Also, the included instructions weren't too clear, but I moved all of the files that I needed to into the Mach3 file directory. Despite all this, the program is still in demo mode, even though the (clearly outdated but the only one i have) video shows that somewhere in the process Mach3 becomes licensed. Any solutions?

    Also, it can control the machine, but not really. It jogs from the software on the laptop I have, but the y-axis jogs backwards. Maybe the sticker on the machine is on backwards? IDK, but I have tried going in to homes/limits and ticked the reverse box and nothing changes. Speaking of homes/limits, I think i have another issue there, too. When I press go to 0, the x and z axis move toward their (home switch? It's an electromagnet proximity switch) and then stop and that is that. The only axis that doesn't move towards its switch is the Y. Did I accidentally Ref All Home in the wrong spot? Also, when one of the axis triggers it's switch, it locks the axis up IN The Direction That I Need To Move It to get it Away from the switch. But, I can only jog it one way- the direction of the switch, even after resetting. The only way for my axes to escape the clutches of the cursed homing switches is to hit go to Z.

    Okay, final problem I promise. This should be Easy, though. There is a little brass disk connected to a curly telephone-esq wire. It can be taken out of its nesting spot and moved around on the machine. I have no idea what it is. or how to use it. Thoughts?

    To sum up my issues,
    --Y axis seems to be reversed, homes/limits doesn't change anything
    --Mach3 still in Demo after all files transferred
    --magnetic proximity switches lock up axis, only way to fix is GoTo zero
    --round brass disk on wire- What is it? How do I use it?

    Any and all help will mean wonders to me


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    Hacked, Packed and Cracked, unless you have a Mach 3 License in your name it's snide.
    The Chinese are infamous for hacking Mach3 to make it appear licensed and to make it work with their unsupported hardware but not supplying a plugin that will work with a clean, legit Mach3 installation.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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