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    The latest upgrade to eMachineShop appears to have deleted the ability to export a file as a DXF. Only export to STL is available. I cannot imagine why they have done this other than to limit the free use of the software package. Personally I found eMachineShop very useful and user friendly for 2D technical drawings which could be quickly produced, exported as DXF then imported into Sheetcam for post processing before cutting. Fortunately I have a stand alone PC running on Windows XP which does not have automatic connection to the internet so can run an "old" version of the package.

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    had the same happen to me came in form the workshop to do a quick drawing to export to cambam
    down loaded the update no dxf .my boy restored my computer to an early date it now works wont be downloading updates anymore

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    I understand with your pain guys!
    Nothing much riles me more than when software updates or so called "upgrades" actually remove functionality without warning!!
    And in this brave new world this practice is becoming increasingly more common, with the biggest players being amongst the worst culprits!!!

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    If you have control of software updates you should only be installing those you know you need to fix an existing issue, if your system works it's crazy to "Fix" it! :D
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Quite agree. If they had told me DXF export would no longer be available I wouldn’t have upgraded.

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    I have been advised of a fix. Open eMachineShop, press Ctrl+Alt+e. Close and reopen eMachineShop. DXF option is available once "Export" is selected.

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    I emailed eMachineShop and got this reply:

    "Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry for any inconvenience this update has caused you.

    You are correct that our beta export functionality to most file types has been disabled in this new release. STL export has been preserved.

    As a temporary workaround, please press Ctrl + Alt + E when in the workspace. Then go to the export dialog. You will notice full export functionality will now be restored.

    Please note that this workaround is not guaranteed to be available indefinitely. Depending on the feedback we receive we may restore export functionality to how it was, disable the workaround completely or offer another option. When this decision will be made has not yet been determined.

    I would be happy to share any feedback you have with management. Please elaborate a bit on how you use eMachineShop to design and manufacture parts, and why you do not use eMachineShop's manufacturing service to make these parts. This information will be very valuable in management's decision-making process."

    So all you guys who value the ability to export in a DXF format send your comments/feedback to eMachineShop. Use the form in Help - Provide Feedback.

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