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  1. This machine is an Ex demo machine used internally for making small parts and demonstrating to potential customers.

    The machine comes compete with four AC servo motors and associated ac servo drivers.

    It comes fitted with a 2.7KW 18KRMP Teknomotor AC spindle motor with ER25 Collet.

    The Controller is the CSLabs CSMIO/IP-A, and the encoder signals go back to the controller for full closed loop.

    the machine comes with home and limits on all axis and homing is setup to home to index for more accurate homing.

    It also comes fitted with a gold air gun for additional cooling to help with tool life.

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    The 10060 CNC machine is designed and built in Poole in the UK; We have designed the 10060 specifically to accurately machine non-ferrous metals like aluminium and brass, but works just as well on other materials like woods and plastics.

    The 10060 CNC machine is 1060mm X 745mm X 600mm with a working area of 600mm(X) 325mm (Y) and 115mm (Z).

    The main frame of the 10060 machine is manufactured from cast aluminium tooling plate (AW5083) with all of the linear motion parts pocketed into place to maximum accuracy and Rigidity. This not only make the machine more accurate and rigid, but also aids with the assembly process by making sure all the parts are accurately placed and seated.

    Please do not confuse this machine with other cheaper kits available from other companies, this machine has been specifically built for machining metal plate, and we even use the 10060 to manufacture its own parts so in essence, it is a self-replicating machine.

    Processing areas X/Y/Z (mm) 600mm / 320mm* / 115mm (400mm without covers)
    Space under Gantree (mm) 124mm
    Dimensions WxLxH (mm) 745mmx 1060mm x 600mm
    Linear rail types Precision grade profiled rails on all axis (20mm on X and 15 on Y and Z)
    Processing speed X/Y/Z* max. 800mm/min (Higher with other materials)
    Repeat accuracy (mm) 0,01*
    Drive motors AC Servo motors
    Drive elements X/Y/Z C5 Ballscrews.
    Controller CSMIO Motion Controller working With Mach3
    Weight (kg) app. 200 KG
    Software Needed Mach 3/4,

    Mist system and cold air gun
    Fitted with a 2.7KW 18 KRPM Teknomotor spindle with ER25 collet.
    Servo motors
    C5 ballscrew on all axis
    Concertina bellows for added protection.
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  2. This is a link to the machine on our website.

    Paypal, credit card or bax payment accepted.
    and the price includes free uk mainland delivery by pallet.

  3. Reduced to 6000 inc VAT.

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    Possible to buy it again? I was searching here: https://eltra-trade.com/catalog/stock Did the Zapp Automation have a stock like on the link above? Thanks in advance. Their market-share and their reputation are important. Obviously price structure is central to who you deal with in the supply chain.
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