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He has one computer, but two screens. Placing the screens at different sides of the workshop and you can use that computer from either of the locations is what I assume he's doing.

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That's right. One PC and two monitors (one next to each machine) and each monitor now has a keyboard and a mouse with it. Never need to use both keyboards or mice at the same time so the setup is idea for me.
ATM I have the screens set up as though they are side by side so when the mouse cursor is in the left screen, when it is moved to the far right it goes onto the right hand screen. The only hassle is when you open a program it opens in the left screen and has to be dragged to the right screen and the same with any dialog boxes the program opens but with dialogs once they have been dragged to the other screen they will open there next time they are called. I could of course just use the screens in mirror mode but the advantage of how it is set up now is each screen can have a full window of the NC control program of the machine it is next to.