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  1. So, I really need a lathe with rigid tapping ability and live tooling, but workshop space is restricted, and power supply sufficiently limited to rule out any cheap (aka big!) industrial options.

    I could upgrade my Denford Cyclone to get rigid tapping, but that would mean a period without a functioning lathe.

    A few months ago, while stood threading some parts on my much abused Clarke CL500, I thought the nice flat topped bed would be almost ideal to mount a couple linear rails on, and combine it with a gangtool setup would be somewhere in the ball park of what I'd need.
    But after a bit measuring/sketching, I came to the conclusion the bed would likely be too narrow once a reasonably sized cross slide is fitted and loaded up with my ideal amount of tooling.

    So letting the idea roll around in my head, the big issue is a suitable base. I'm not sure when I had the eureka moment, but that's where my recent post about Epoxy Granite comes in. Why don't I cast one?

    At the moment, I've got as far as sketching some rough spindle/bed shapes, and working on the list of things that will need to be allowed for in the base mould/cast I.e. ballscrew/motor mounts, cable routing, way cover mounting screws (aka the little details that could potentially cause big headaches!).
    I'm probably going to go for a slant bed build, as although it makes the casting/machining a bit more problematic, the swarf management is far better in the long term.

    I'm still very much undecided about the spindle mount. I'm likely to buy a spindle from China, but I'm not sure whether a steel weldment, or another EG cast would be better.

    So this thread is going to be somewhere to list my ideas/thoughts, and for anybody else to add in comments/advise/criticism (I already know this could be very likely end up in a reasonably expensive stupid idea!)
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  2. Can't offer anything other than the knowledge that I'll be following this thread with interest.

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    I will certainly be following this. I'm in the same boat and just starting to retrofit my Boxford 250 for production and build a custom lathe for prototyping . Although I don't need such a large work envelope so looking at a Denford Orac as a base

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    If you have a nice flat topped bed and the only problem is that it's too narrow why not fit a ground plate on top of that giving you the required width?
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    Cant add positive advice.

    But my "simple" saddle swap to linear slides has so far cost 300+ work hours.

    Over 12 fits / fiddle to the ballnut mount, and now servo motor mount, and shear plate/z axis connection.
    New limits, fiddle with servo mount size to the saddle plate to clear the motor mount, ...

    None of it is very "hard" but all of it is slow and heavy (parts assy == 30 kg).

  6. Quote Originally Posted by magicniner View Post
    If you have a nice flat topped bed and the only problem is that it's too narrow why not fit a ground plate on top of that giving you the required width?
    I did consider that, but my big concern with that approach, is I think realistically I need at least 18" of cross slide travel, so by the time you hang that length of cross slide over the back along with a servo motor, it's an awful lot of weight pivoting around some bolts that would be around 5" between centres.

    I'm still at the point of adding sketches/notes/ideas to the notepad, and I now have a pretty good idea of the main layout, but I now need to find some time to do some modelling and some calculations to see if my plan is going to work.
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