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    So, anybody got a good source for proximity sensors?
    As i have understood, im in the market for the inductive kind. 4 mm sensing distance would do it and NPN/PNP should not matter with the Csmio IP-M. Emergency switch, some resistors and a main switch is also on the shopping list right now...
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    it depends on the budget your working to

    if its a hobby machine then try amazon or ebay etc
    buy 1 to check the quality then order the others you need

    for a business machine you use to make a living
    look at industrial suppliers like RS Components , Farnell or Rapidonline
    for original proximity sensors not the cheep clones found else ware online

    you will pay more but they will be to the published specification


    after looking at your location


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    Don't waste money buying the expensive switches Just buy the cheap Chinese switches off ebay.

    I've fitted 100's and probably had about 3 in total that was faulty out of the bag. I've had about 5 fail in use over a 10yr+ period all on different machines.
    The accuracy is more than good enough for any Router or DIY Milling machine.

    The IP/M doesn't care which you use but I always fit NPN switches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JW1977 View Post
    So, anybody got a good source for proximity sensors?
    As i have understood, im in the market for the inductive kind. 4 mm sensing distance would do it and NPN/PNP should not matter with the Csmio IP-M. Emergency switch, some resistors and a main switch is also on the shopping list right now...
    Why the resistors.? You don't need any for the IP/M

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    Maybe you got confused with all the chatter of 10k internal resistors, pull-up resistors and so on. You paid good money for a quality controller and therefore the prox sensors just plug straight in !

    I think I used resistors on the 12V front panel LEDs to run off 24V but that depends on how, or if , you want indicator lights for status and so on. For example they can also be mains powered indicator lights.
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    Sorry guys, fuses, not resistors! Theres a lot on my mind right now...
    However, havent got to it yet, collecting the final parts right now but, i read about one resistor in the driver manual.

    VCC is compatible with 5V or 24V;
    R(3~5K) must be connected to control signal terminal.

    If im not mistaken i think i read about it in in the Csmio manual also but they recommend a 2K resistor there!?
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    Couple of odd comments:

    IP/M is very happy with direct connection of prox switches running on 24V. Works well.

    IP/M drives the usual stepper drivers directly without needing any resistors. Use differential connection if your drivers support this - better noise resistance.

    Unlike Jazz, I've not been too lucky with prox switches from eBay. I bought a box of ten. One was the wrong type (unbelievable! Two-wire, quite obviously not the same as the rest of the 3-wire switches), one was faulty straight from the box, and one failed very shortly after fitting. However, the rest have been working fine for a couple of years now, and the whole box probably cost less than one "professional" quality switch. That's the difference between home building and commercial - commercial machine could not stand that level of quality, but it suits my pocket!

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    I too bought a box of 10 from China.

    The machine I have from MD had end-on axial sensing and I crushed a sensor whilst jogging (the machine, not me!), In my naivety I ordered a replacement from MD and it cost £17.50 (ouch, ouch,ouch). When I crushed that one, I ordered 10 from China and converted the sensing to bypass.Some have orange sensor ends and a grey cable and some have blue ends and a black cable. I have 9 of them left. They are all NO and 4mm.


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    I also have had about 30 from AliExpress with no duds with pnp and npn types.
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    My chicom mechanical switches are quite reliable, omron copies.

    They are not too accurate, and the mechanical assys are terrible, in terms of machinist parts.
    0.01-02 mm +/- in repeatability/accuracy is terrible.
    For my cnc lathe, industrial quality.

    But for routers, they are much more than good enough.

    (My lathe is for sub-micron or 1 micron repeatability.)

    Cheap 5$ optical limit switches provide about 2 microns accuracy, fairly easily.

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