Spindle Motor Specifications :
Power : 5.5KW
Voltage : 220V ( option 380V)
Current : 15A
Frequency : RATE 400Hz max 600hz
Speed : 18000rpm max
Cooling Type : Water-cooled
Joint of nose : BT30 Taper
Lubrication : Grease
weigth: 26kg
Diameter: 125mm
Lengt: 460mm
Air pressure: 6kg/cm2
4 Bearing, 7008x2 7006x2, all ceramic p4 china brand

The price inclue spinde 5.5kw (normal is 220V, 380V option) + spindle holder 125mm + 6 pcs holder NBT30 + 6 pcs collect ER 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm + Airtac 24V solenoid + Airtac air regulator + sunfa E550 5.5kw VFD

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