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    Anybody know where I can get A4 sheets of two colour laminate in the UK ? Sorotec and CNC-plus in Germany sell it, but the shipping is more than I want to pay on a small order of 8-10 sheets.



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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsattuk View Post
    Good idea John, but they are all too fancy - I am looking for plain strong colours, not rose tortoiseshell.

    This is what I was looking at https://cnc-plus.de/en/Materials---A...d5527355da6df2 but the shipping cost more than the sheets.


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    Have you tried here ;- https://www.hindleys.com/non-laser-r...ate-sheet.html not sure if they do two ply
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    how about here

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    Quote Originally Posted by johngoodrich View Post
    how about here
    Thanks John, I have bookmarked it for next purchase, when I need a colour I don't have.


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    Just do a search for Traffolyte sheet - that's the stuff we used to use for designation strips on installations.

    PS completely agree with your verdict on Windoze10 - I will never buy another machine that has it installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voicecoil View Post
    PS completely agree with your verdict on Windoze10 - I will never buy another machine that has it installed.
    I have heard that Microshit has realised their mistake on the single platform model that they called Win10 and are looking to get another operating system out ASAP. Their advice to windows10 phone users is 'buy an iPhone or Android' - best thing they have said in years! - I took that advice already !


    Back to topic.....

    908ltd will cut the sheets down to size and it makes buying 12 300x200mm pieces quite a reasonable prospect. My current stock is down to 9 or 10 sheets (300x200) limited to black on white, white on black, red on white and silver on black, but I will wait until someone is not satisfied with that range before buying any more.

    I have had good results with fibreglass PCB material (single sided copper) - spray copper side with colour of choice and after engraving, light it from behind. The copper gives a solid light barrier and the translucent fibreglass shows up the engraved areas. It also looks good with a polished copper finish.


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