I want to pay somebody

Hi Guys

Ok after being messed around by a few people advertising this service, and then not providing such, I'm reaching out here for help.

Very simple request.

I have a Boxford Duet Mill/CNC fully converted to Mach by Roundout CNC.

Now I can't or more to the point, don't have time to learn coding. So I would rather pay somebody else to write the code/program.

Ok without going into too much detail, This is what I require.

For me the easiest thing would be to send you the simple item I require a code/program for. You have it in hand to take measurements etc etc.

The item is approx. Rod 75mm long and a solid 50mm diameter. The picture is not the item but its almost as simple as the item in the picture.

Ok once the person that takes me up on this offer has completed the task and been paid prior to sending me the code/program. If successful I would like approx. 10 more separate codes/programs writing of almost identical items as the first and maybe twice a year another 2 or 3 writing.

Ok now I am the most patient guy going but am totally oblivious to using this lathe, although I have some knowledge and manually played with the machine, so any takers must be equally patient with me if I seem a bit slow on the uptake.

So in a nut shell.

I want to be able to manually load a solid rod (Plastic for arguments sake) 75mm long x 50mm diameter, press a button (on the pc so to speak) and the machine will do its own thing and I end up with a finished item approx. 65mm x 45mm shaped.and waiting for me in the bottom of the machine. Quick clean up and I can do the same again, simples.

So if you feel you can do this for me and we can agree a price per written item code/program, please contact me.

It would be beneficial if the person was Northwest based only because I have another idea in my head but we can discuss that. That said it is not the end of the world if not ( but the ability to use facetime, messenger or skype may help if i'm being a moron and you need to talk me through something.

Here's hoping I can find somebody that can take the time to take me up on this, as others are too busy or believe its too menial a task for them

Speak to somebody soon hopefully