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    Hello all,

    I'm new when it comes to these machines but my wife is looking to invest to streamline her current business process.

    She makes hand print charms utilising a scan of the print, which is then made into a stamp using a UV gel system. That stamp is then pressed into precious metal clay, fired and polished. The whole process is quite labour intensive and time consuming so we would like to replace with a machine to engrave the scan directly onto a sterling silver blank.

    The requirements are as follows:

    - Desktop machine (smaller the better) as it may be transported to fairs...etc
    - Must be able to engrave to approx 10 x 10mm scale
    - Must be able to engrave below surface (approx 1mm) rather then just etch the surface
    - Must be suitable for precious metals such as sterling silver
    - Also good if it's able to engrave acrylic as possible future sideline

    I have seen a couple of machines that hint at being able to do the above but cannot find hard evidence:

    Roland EGX-350
    Roland EGX-300
    Trend CNC Mini Plus

    If anyone has any recommendations or info on the above it would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone got any advice :(

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    Can’t remember seeing anyone talk about the machines you mention, most on here are much bigger DIY builds or converted mills. You could ask Jazzcnc for a quote -he has built lots of machines for people and I think would be able to turn your spec into a purpose built machine.
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    Thank you! There smaller desktop machines. Is that the username of the person in this forum?

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    Yes. Looks like he is active now so try a PM (username JAZZCNC).

    Found the Trend machine.

    I can see that it looks like a neat package with the scanning software, gcode creator, and it's own control software. My only thoughts are using unsupported thin rails like that, and the requirement to machine metals of 10mm x10mm (presumably with fine detail control needed) might give surface finish issues. All the demos are engraving plastic or wood. No direct experience with this particular machine, just the ones I've build myself over the past 10 years.
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    As routercnc says, the construction looks a bit flimsy for a good finish on metal but I cannot speak from experience of this type of work.You could use the Trend machine to make a master out of acrylic which you then use as a stamp for moulds. A machined acrylic surface can be given a shiny finish by carefully playing a gas torch over the surface. Alternatively use the machine to cut a mould in pre-made blocks of plaster of Paris. This process is rather messy though and will need a dust extractor, but can be used for making moulds for casting molten silver if that's a route you want to try.

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