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    Hi Guys,

    Just to start i'd like to thank you all for any help or input, it's really appreciated.

    I've recently purchased a used Boxford VMC260 mill. It has come from the education department and hasn't seen much use. I'm hoping to get it up and running in the next few weeks.

    The mill has been retrofitted by conect numerical control (company disolved) a number of years ago. I did not get any software with the mill so I'm thinking a retrofit is the only option? I'd imagine their software was only 2.5D anyway?

    Controlled from a nine pin serial port (only 5 pins used)
    EEPROM - conect ltd box mill v1.13
    Machine has auto tool indexer
    Steppers - MAE HY200 3427 400 A8
    Leads screw pitch - not sure.

    Does anybody know if you are able to manually jog this machine using the pushbuttons on the front. Manual jog is currently not working and i'm unsure if it requires a laptop with the correct program to be plugged in. I doubt this is the case though.

    Can anybody advise me on the following,

    UNCNC or MACH3 or MACH 4?
    Breakout board?
    Drivers for Steppers?

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    I am in the process of retrofitting the exact same Mill with Linuxcnc (Pathpilot)! I joined this forum looking for tips on the Toolchanger.
    We used wantai DQ860 stepper drivers hooked up to a Wyse thinclient PC running Pathpilot with a Mesa drivercard.
    We changed the 180V DC spindle with an 1KW AC servo.
    Hope this gave you some pointer on where to start.

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