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    cheers will do tomorrow and get back
    thanks for the input

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    Cheers Andy, sometimes difficult for me to aim information at the appropriate level.

    OP: My use of "referenced to ground" is, as Andy says, a way of saying with the black lead of the meter connected to ground/vehicle earth. I'd intended that (past midnight) to indicate to measure each input, not to measure with the two meter leads across the two inputs.

    Where my thoughts are going on this is to understand if you could, with a diagram, connect an Arduino directly to the controller inputs or whether you'd need a relay board. I'm trying to keep this simple. I am prepared to write the software to host on an Arduino to give you the level of control that you've asked for, but in the first instance I want to see just what we can get away with with wiring. I can tell you that with UK prices, I could implement the control electronics for less than 20 (Arduino Uno, separate 2 relay board, probably a DC-DC convertor to protect the logic from the vehicle voltage spikes). The next challenge would be for you to install the Arduino IDE on a computer and demonstrate to yourself that you can flash/program an Arduino (connect via USB cable, press one button) - and check that a LED on the Arduino is flashing.

    Your shout.

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