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    Hi All
    I was paralyzed 7 years ago by doctors negligence and have been adjusting to life in a wheelchair
    there's a cool new machine on the market called an OMEO ( google if you like..... have to add NZ) which currently has no storing device in a vehicle unless its ramps or a hoist ( awkward and dangerous) it weights 70kg total.
    Ive thought of a machine that sits in the back of a suv type vehicle and when the door opens the machine moves OUT 400mm so that the front has now cleared the boot-bumper-towbar.
    a forklift like arm then lowers and picks up the omeo by its handles. this is then automatically locked to the arm
    gears etc lift it up 650mm and then the whole lot moves back into the vehicle. No tiedows needed as its locked.
    having problem with the "forks" moving from parked position ( right forward ) to the end of the 400mm overhang
    Thats why im here
    I need a ballscrew mounted on the side of the machine which is then attached to the fork base plate so as powered it moves the whole fork outwards 900mm
    My background is building and no matter how many "calculators" i find online i just dont know what im doing to work out torque-rpm etc.
    Jes sorry for the novel above

    My name is Richard and i live in New Zealand. Thank you in advance for any help

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    Hi Richard
    Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your problems, I am sure someone will be able to help.
    Have enclosed a link to the wheelchair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekanik View Post
    Hi Richard
    Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your problems, I am sure someone will be able to help.
    Have enclosed a link to the wheelchair.
    Hi Richard.

    Welcome aboard from OZ.
    I would like to think on this problem.

    A couple of questions?

    Is it possible to get 3D CAD drawings of the machine?
    That would assist the person designing a manipulator for it.

    If the machine was stored in the rear compartment of a vehicle. Would it be possible for the driver of the vehicle if disabled assuming that the degree of disability allowed the person to drive, to remotely control the chair and guide it to within reach of the driver? It would be great if the chair already had this capability. If not it could be retro fitted.

    The chair would have to be returned to the storage unit in the same way. Not easy but doable. fortunately many vehicle manufacturers now offer automatically opening and closing rear doors so that part is easy.

    The chair looks like a very well engineered unit, cool looking too, In spite of this no doubt you have a number if niggles regarding operation of the chair put them on paper.


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    Hi Richard

    Have you considered long stroke linear actuators?

    I suggest these because they're usually rated in terms of the force they can apply (which should be an easier calculation) and are often provided with 12/24V compatible systems which might be useful given the mobile environment. They should be cheaper than a ballscrew, because unlike a CNC you're not looking for a high degree of accuracy in this use case (1mm is probably close enough!).

    The one disadvantage I can see is they might not be the quickest of options ;)

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    Not to argue with the OP - just to ask you to review your statement: you say a hoist is awkward and dangerous - lifting 70kg into the boot. I'd suggest its probably the easier solution and can certainly be made safe. Awkwardness is more subjective.

    Few solutions are going to "sit" in the boot - there's either going to be an awful lot of framework and counterweight, or you're going to have to bolt to the structure of the vehicle.

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    <Ignore my rant which missed the word hoist in the above post....>
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyUK View Post
    The point is that this is a one time thing to make a system which fits in to the back of a car, and then allows the user to be more independent.

    Lifting 70kg in and out of a car boot is no joke for an able bodied adult male - I'm not even sure I'd be comfortable doing that alone, it's a big weight if you slip. Let alone when that's an awkward shape, and if the able bodied person who has to do it is a 50kg female, no chance in hell.

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    We might misunderstand each other - the point I'm making is to manufacture a hoist, even on a sliding or swinging arm, is likely easier than a tail-gate lift type of system. I'm not suggesting for a second that manually lifting the OMEO is viable. Been there, tried it with similar (but heavier) weights and lost count of the number of lives I've lost.

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    Hi Andy
    thanks for the reply
    Actuators can t work as the amount of travel is 900mm +- and most actuators are 2s + ? and i only have 900mm to fit it in
    It cant stick out the front or back
    I use an actuator to push the initial platform out the 400mm which works well.
    speed isn't a problem but i think fully in to out needs to be 15-20 secs or we could all be dead waiting for it to arrive
    thanks Richard

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    the hoists have to be bolted to the rear of the vehicle and when lifting the machine you have to put a cradle thru the handles then lift and rotate the chair at the same time. A major problem is you then have to tie the chair down in the boot which means reaching over and around and doing up ratchets etc . not easy for a person in wheelchair.
    once the chair is locked to my forks that's it the mechanics do the rest.
    My machine does in fact "Sit" in the back it has 2 simple metal straps which go behind the rear seat and secure to the rear safety belt anchor points. This is only to stop the machine "tipping" when fully extended out the boot.
    also the width of the chair with outdoor kit tires is 830mm and a lot of normal suv wont fit that width wise as well as the hoist so must have the narrow tires which is a pain to change over ( change 2 wheels every time you want to off road!
    My overall is 1000 and all the gear is clear of the chair which slides into a "pan" which is 850mm clear width so takes both sets of tyres.
    Thanks For your comments
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    thanks for your interest and comments
    The Omeo does in fact have a Bluetooth circuit which at the moment is used as a safety circuit
    ( no fob -no go.)
    i have thought that this could be used to make the machine perform a tight left turn and park beside the drivers door . This would need alot of work and safety as when doing the reverse ( putting it back in the car)it would need sensors etc to make sure the Omeo was in correct position to be "picked up"
    I have a machine called a Abiloader now which does just that with my manual chair. boot goes up chair comes out on arm and drops right buy my door. Brilliant but my chair weights 12 kg Not the 70 of the Omeo
    have attached My drawings which is what i designed it on. Ive only done 12 hrs cad training but think ive done ok
    Managed to get all the plates-pans etc made by engineering firm off them
    dont seem to be able to load my dwg files!!!!! will try later
    thanks Richard
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