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    Any ideas what this stuff is called (often seen on Stepcraft machines) and where you can get it from please?

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    I believe motedis and ooznest sell this type. Probably eBay too.

    RS components has a range of dust cover strips too for different width slots.
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    Neal - thanks for the reply, but those aren't quite what I'm looking for. The Stepcraft machines have the gantry side plates running in a slot with a flexible rubber(?) strip either side to stop swaft getting down into the ballscrews, guides, belts whatever, sorry the photo's not very good. I've looked at rubber draught excluder strips, but all I've seen so far are a bit on the stiff side

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    Hi Voicecoil


    This company will have the extrusion you are looking for.
    It can be rolled up and posted


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    Thanks John, I hadn't thought of silicone, I was expecting polyurethane or natural rubber from the abrasion resistance angle.

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    I know the kind of thing you're after, however I've got no idea what it's official name is, let alone where you can buy it.

    A bigger rubber version is often used on roller/shutter doors, but the thinner harder plastic version is fitted to some 2 post car lifts.
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    Yes, flexibility is the key, so it will mould/seal itself around the moving bits. I've used slider potentiometers/faders on audio and lighting control desks in the past that have had a thinner version of this stuff covering the actuator slots but it came as part of the unit from the Far East.
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